Pregnancy Week by Week: 1 Week Pregnant

Welcome to our week by week pregnancy guide! Every week we'll be updating you with how your baby is growing and your body is changing during pregnancy. This week, we explore what you can expect when you're 1 week pregnant.

Pregnancy is counted from the first day of your last period, so for the first week of your pregnancy, you're not actually pregnant! Yes, you read that right - this is because when the midwife calculates your due date, she counts 40 weeks from that first day of your last period. Conception usually occurs about 14 days after this date.

During your period, your womb is shedding it's lining and the egg is yet to be released into the fallopian tube. Only when the egg is released and meets with that lucky sperm will you actually be pregnant.

So when you're one week pregnant, you probably won't even know it. However, if you've been planning to get pregnant responsibly, you will have already made the necessary changes to your life to ensure you're making a healthy baby.

Hopefully you are taking folic acid to ensure that your baby is not born with any spine or brain defects. You should also be exercising regularly and eating healthily to ensure the best for your child.

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