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Pregnancy A - Z Guide | P | By Pregnacare

Vitabiotics | Published: 15/03/2021

Pregnancy A - Z Guide | P | By Pregnacare

Here's Our Pregnacare A-Z Guide To Pregnancy & Nutrition - The Letter P

Are you pregnant? Make sure you read our Pregnacare A-Z of Pregnancy and Nutrition, covering everything important for parents-to-be. Next, we take a look at the letter P during pregnancy

Our Pregnacare A-Z is a series of posts, one for each letter of the alphabet, designed to help you understand your nutritional needs, how they change and the best foods to choose during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

This A to Z answers many of the important questions mums-to-be have about pregnancy and nutrition. It covers everything from antenatal care through to water intake, via pregnancy vitamin supplements. You can download the full version of the guide in PDF format here.

If you have any further questions, make sure you ask your midwife or GP.

Pregnacare A-Z Of Pregnancy And Nutrition – What Does The Letter P Stand For?


What Type Of Pate Can I Eat When I’m Pregnant?

Avoid all types of pâté, including vegetable, because it may contain Listeria.

Pâté made from any type of liver should also be avoided due to its high vitamin A content.


What Are Piles And Why Do I Suffer From Them During Pregnancy?

Piles (haemorrhoids) are a common problem for pregnant women and are caused by the weight of the uterus pressing on major blood vessels. This leads to a pooling of blood and ultimately causes the veins to enlarge and swell. In addition, the hormone progesterone relaxes the veins and allows the swelling to increase. Piles are best prevented by eating a high fibre diet accompanied by plenty of fluid. If you have problems with piles, speak to your GP or midwife.


What Is The Placenta And What Role Does It Play During Pregnancy?

The placenta is the organ that nourishes the foetus by transporting nutrients from your blood and removing waste products.

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Can I Eat Poultry During Pregnancy?

Poultry is a food that unless handled properly can carry an increased risk of salmonella. Always store uncooked and cooked meats separately and check that all meats are cooked thoroughly (with no signs of pink or blood) before eating.

Handle pre-cooked poultry with care. Only buy from a reputable source and ensure that it is kept thoroughly chilled and never eat if beyond its use before date.


What Is Prolactin And What Role Does It Play in Breastfeeding?

Prolactin is the hormone that tells your breasts to produce milk for your baby. It is stimulated by suckling, so frequent feeding on demand will help to get milk supply established in the early weeks.


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While every attempt has been made to ensure that the information contained in this guide is accurate and reliable, this is intended as a guide only and not a substitute for advice from a health professional. Please note: Vitabiotics cannot guarantee the reliability of facts obtained from other third party information sources. Information correct at time of being published (May 2020).

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