Supported by original published research, Diabetone is a carefully balanced formula with Chromium which helps to maintain normal blood glucose levels. And with 21 micronutrients included, there’s no need for an additional multivitamin.

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Enhanced wellbeing in pilot study
Findings from a double-blind cross over study suggests that a multinutrient supplement (Diabetone tablets) supports the general wellbeing of diabetics, relative to placebo. Enhanced Wellbeing of Adults with Type 2 Diabetes following Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation for Three Months in a Randomised, Double-blind, Cross-over Pilot Study, Integrative Medicine Insights 2007:2 7 – 14
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Customer Review
“I ride for a cycling team in the UK and have diabetes. I have been taking Diabetone for 3 weeks and have noticed that it has really made a difference to my general well-being. I now wake up in the mornings clear-headed and ready to go!”
— Diabetone customer, United Kingdom
“ I am diabetic and it was suggested that regular use of Diabetone plus Omega 3 would be of benefit. Having now used the product daily since then, I can only say that the advice given was excellent and I believe has helped given me renewed energy levels”
— Diabetone customer , United Kingdom