Visionace Plus
Contains 23 essential nutrients plus premium Omega-3 and Lutein capsules. The Omega-3 capsules in Visionace plus are rich in fatty acids that play an important structural and functional role in your retina.
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research based formula
Visionace Original
Visionace has been formulated using a wealth of scientific research into nutrition and normal vision. In fact, the first Visionace formula (on which the current range is based) was the only UK eye supplement to have been tested in published double-blind trials and to have been the subject of a complete PhD thesis. (Placebo-controlled, cross over study by the Department of Vision Science at Glasgow Caledonian University.) Visionace contains all the nutrients found to be helpful in the AREDS study (Betacarotene, vitamins C and E, zinc and copper), plus many others.
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