Wellwoman Original
The original vitamin developed just for women, formulated for the demands of modern life .
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We support
Wellbeing of Women
Wellbeing of Women is an organisation dedicated to improving the health of women and babies across the UK. Its research has helped with medical developments including foetal screening, IVF, vitamin supplements in pregnancy and cervical cancer screening. We have supported WoW since 1997, funding research and raising awareness by including charity information on Wellwoman packs and advertising.
A Group Of Young Women
we support
National Association of Premenstrual Syndrome
The only charity in the UK to provide help, information and support to PMS sufferers and their families, the NAPS promotes better understanding of PMS and its treatment. We have sponsored a NAPS leaflet on dietary guidelines and joined with the team on a series of radio interviews to promote awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Our Best Multivitamin For Women?

Wellwoman, the UK’s number one women's supplement brand, offers a range of advanced multivitamins specially-formulated to support the nutritional needs of women.

Wellwoman Original is the original comprehensive multivitamin, with Evening Primrose Oil and Starflower Oil, that's specially formulated for women.

For an alternative to tablets, Wellwoman Gummies packs 22 nutrients into a delicious, vegan, natural berry flavour chewable gummy.

Wellwoman Max provides maximum support in the range and includes 33 different nutrients and comes in a convenient 3 in 1 triple pack.

What Is Our Best Supplement For Women Over 50?

Wellwoman, the UK’s number one women’s supplement brand, developed Wellwoman 50+ to help maintain overall health and vitality of women aged 50 and over. Containing 26 carefully-selected nutrients, including Vitamins B5, B6 and Iron, which contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, Wellwoman 50+ is designed to help keep you feeling fabulous in your fifties and beyond.

For women over 70, Wellwoman 70+ is a trusted source of nutrients for heart, brain and immune health. The Wellwoman 70+ formula includes Iron, Zinc & Iodine, which contribute to normal cognitive function, as well as Vitamin B1 which contributes to the normal function of the heart and nervous system. Plus Vitamin C and D contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

Which Women’s Supplements Are Vegan?

We have a wide range of supplements for women that are vegan friendly, including Wellwoman Vegan which has been officially approved by both the Vegan Society and the Vegetarian Society.  Wellwoman Gummies, and Wellwoman Energy are also vegan and for those during pregnancy we have Pregnacare Gummies.

We also have supplements that are vegetarian friendly including Wellwoman 70+, Wellwoman Sport and Wellwoman Vitamin Drink.

And in our Pregnacare product range we have Pregnacare Conception, Pregnacare Him & Her Conception, Pregnacare Original and Pregnacare Liquid that are vegetarian friendly.


For women seeking nutritional suppport during the menopause we have 6 products that are vegetarian friendly including Menopace Max, Menopace Plus, Menopace Original, Menopace Calcium, Menopace Night and Menopace Red Clover.

What Are Our Best Energy Supplements For Women?

Our range of energy products for women contain key energy releasing nutrients and come in a variety of different forms, including our Wellwoman Energy effervescent tablets and Wellwoman Sport supplements. Wellwoman Energy provides magnesium, iron and niacin (vitamin B3) which contribute to normal energy release plus Guarana extract, a natural source of caffeine. Wellwoman Sport includes Vitamins B6, B12 and C which contribute to normal energy release plus CoQ10.

And for those on the go, try Wellwoman Vitamin Drink with Iron and Vitamins B6 and B12 which contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

I Find It Difficult To Swallow Tablets, Are There Any Alternatives?

If you find it difficult to swallow tablets we have a range of alternative supplements including our delicious natural berry flavour Wellwoman Gummies which are vegan and packed with 22 key nutrients. Additionally, we have Wellwoman Energy effervescent tablets which make a refreshing drink and  Wellwoman Vitamin Drink.

And for hair and skin support we have  Perfectil Hair Crush Gummies and Perfectil Platinum Collagen Skin Drink & Perfectil Platinum Collagen Hair Drink

What Are Our Best Supplements For Hair Support?

Perfectil, the UK’s number one beauty supplement brand, contains a range of expertly formulated products designed to support your hair with the nutrients it needs. 

Perfectil Hair Crush Gummies are an easy and delicious way to ensure your hair is being given a little extra love and some great nutritional support with Biotin to maintain normal hair, plus Grapeseed Extract and CoQ10. 

Perfectil Hair includes extra Biotin & Selenium which contributes to normal hair plus Marine Collagen and Horsetail Powder extract. 

Perfectil Platinum Collagen Hair Drink includes 7000mg Peptan Marine Collagen Peptides, Keratin and Inositol. It also includes Zinc to maintain normal hair.

What Are Our Best Supplements For Skin Support?

For skin support check out our award-winning Perfectil vitamins range, including Perfectil Skin which is a patent protected formula which includes nutrients like Biotin which contributes to normal skin, plus Omega-3 fatty acids and Coenzyme Q10 for even greater support.

We also have  Perfectil Platinum Collagen Skin Drink, a great-tasting passion fruit flavour drink, which is designed to support your skin with 7000mg Peptan Marine Collagen Peptides, Biotin which contributes to normal skin plus Hyaluronic Acid and CoQ10.

Perfectil Platinum Radiance has been designed to support skin radiance from within, with a unique formula combining Bio-marine collagen and botanical extracts with specially selected micronutrients including Vitamin C which contributes to normal collagen formulation for the normal function of skin.

What Are Our Best Supplements For Nail Support?

Perfectil Nails, from the UK’s number one beauty supplement brand, provides advanced nutrition for nail health. The formula contains specially selected nutrients targeted at nails, including Selenium, which contributes to the maintenance of normal nails, plus Grapeseed Extract and MSM.

What Are Our Best Pregnancy Supplements?

Pregnacare is the UK’s number one pregnancy supplement brand. Most trusted by mums and most recommended by midwives, the Pregnacare range is there to support you, wherever you are on your pregnancy journey.

For before pregnancy Pregnacare Him & Her Conception is optimised for reproductive health and comes in a specialist dual-pack for men and women trying to conceive. It includes zinc which contributes to normal fertility and reproduction.

For during pregnancy Pregnacare Max  provides the most comprehensive support from the Pregnacare range and is a trusted source of essential nutrients including L-Methylfolate, a more advanced form of Folic Acid. Folic Acid contributes to maternal tissue growth during pregnancy. It also includes Calcium and Omega-3 which provides DHA. Maternal intake of DHA contributes to the normal brain and eye development of the foetus.

In the postnatal supplements range  Pregnacare Breast-Feeding and Pregnacare New Mum  have been specially formulated for the needs of new mothers. Pregnacare Breast-Feeding includes calcium and Omega 3 DHA. Maternal intake of DHA contributes to the normal brain and eye development of breastfed infants.

What Are Our Best Menopause Supplements?

Menopace, the UK’s number 1 range of menopause supplements, is designed to support your nutritional needs both during and after the menopause.

Menopace Max delivers the highest level of nutritional support in the Menopace range. It provides a variety of essential nutrients including Calcium which is needed for the maintenance of normal bones. Plus Soya Isoflavones, Green Tea and Red Clover extracts.

What Are Our Best Supplements For Teenagers?

Wellteen Her Plus is our advanced nutritional support for young women and includes 25 key nutrients, including DHA, which helps maintain normal brain function and vision plus iron which contributes to the normal formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin.