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Our general health and wellbeing blog section is for those looking for hints and tips to improve their health and wellbeing from fitness to diet.

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Older couple smiling.
Health Areas | 27/07/2023
How to care for your health as you get older (50+)
Ageing is something to be celebrated, not dreaded. It is not a time for winding down, but a time for revving up with the things that you always wanted to spend your time, money and energy on. As we approach retirement, and children have matured, there is an opportunity for a shift in responsibility, and that shift should be towards nurturing the most important person in your life… Yourself!
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People Taking in the Park
Health Areas | 21/02/2023
How old are you really? Take the quiz to find out!
This quiz will look at the hobbies and activities you take part in to see whether you’re an old soul – or still young at heart. What are you most likely to do on holiday, would you take on a midweek gig and how likely are you to get a tattoo?
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Man And Woman Running
Health Areas | 2019
How often does the average Brit feel fit as a fiddle?
According to our recent survey, most Brits only feel ‘fit as a fiddle’ nine times a month - that’s around 21 days each month of feeling down or fatigued.
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Man And Woman In The Gym
Health Areas
4 Reasons Why Your Workout Isn't Working For You
There’s no escaping it: working out is hard work. But what happens when your time exercising just doesn’t deliver the kind of results that you feel like you should be getting?
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Man Doing Exercise
Health Areas | 2019
How to motivate your mind and body to exercise
Finding the motivation to work out is something many of us find difficult, especially during the cold winter months. That’s why we are here to help you find out how to motivate yourself to exercise and most importantly, enjoy your workouts.
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Women Riding Bikes Beside Trees
Health Areas | 2016
Urban Exercise – How to Make the Most of Exercising in the City
If you want to keep fit in the city, then there are a few things you can do, including taking part in some Urban Exercise. Take a look at this guide to making the most of exercising in the city, maybe you’ll find a few new ideas.
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Man With Headphones On
Health Areas | 2017
How to get over feeling self-conscious when running in public
We take a look at some of the ways you can start to build your confidence when it comes to pounding the pavement and exposing your new running skills to the public.
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Person Stretching
Health Areas | 2017
Muscle Recovery Hacks: How to make your muscles recover faster
Here's how to reset your health this November, with Lisa Oxenham from Marie Claire.
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