How Tired Are You? - Take The Quiz

Vitabiotics | Published: 07/01/2021

How Tired Are You? - Take The Quiz

A study has revealed that Brits feel ‘too tired’ to clean their home, cook meals - or have sex.

Research polling 2,000 adults found they complain of tiredness four times a day, spending a total of three hours feeling low in energy.

As a result, Brits have avoided exercising (35 per cent), doing the washing up (33 per cent) and putting their clothes away in the wardrobe (33 per cent). More than one in five (23 per cent) have even used it as a reason not to have a shower while 29 per cent have been too tired to have sex.

It also emerged that just after 3pm is the point at which Brits feel at their most tired, but they are at their most energetic at 11.10am.


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The Top 30 Things Brits Have Been Too Tired For:

  1. Tidying A Room In The House
  2. Exercising In General
  3. Doing The Washing Up
  4. Putting Clothes Away In The Wardrobe
  5. Going For A Walk
  6. Cooking Dinner
  7. Having Sex
  8. Washing Your Hair
  9. Going To Social Events In General
  10. Going Food Shopping
  11. Showering
  12. Answering The Phone
  13. Going For A Run
  14. Going Out For A Meal
  15. Going To A Friend’s House
  16. Going To The Gym
  17. Going To The Pub
  18. Brushing Your Teeth
  19. Reading A Book
  20. Driving
  21. Removing Make Up
  22. Applying Make Up
  23. Emptying The Dishwasher
  24. Going To The Cinema
  25. Straightening Hair
  26. Talking To My Partner/Spouse
  27. Prepping Packed Lunches
  28. Going To Work
  29. Hosting Dinner
  30. Switching The Lights Off

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