The Top 20 Things Couples Tried In A Bid To Conceive


Couples have revealed the lengths they went to in a bid to get pregnant – including cutting out carbs, becoming vegetarian and having sex during a full moon.

A study of 2,000 parents found more than one in 10 gave up smoking and almost a fifth quit drinking alcohol while trying to conceive.

And 20 per cent swore by the old wives’ tale that women lying with their legs in the air after sex will help them to get pregnant.

Others tracked their ovulation cycle (30 per cent), only had sex in a particular position (17 per cent) or lost weight (13 per cent) to try and increase their chances of conceiving.

We have put together a quiz to test people’s knowledge of conception.

Top 20 Things Couple Tried In A Bid To Conceive

1. Tracked Ovulation Cycle
2. Raised Legs After Sex To 'Let Gravity Help'
3. Taken A Vitamin Supplement
4. Stopped Drinking
5. Had Sex Multiple Times Daily
6. Had Sex In A Particular Position To Maximise Chance Of Pregnancy
7. Only Had Sex During Your 'Ovulation Window'
8. Lost Weight
9. Stopped Smoking
10. Drank More Water
11. Cut Out Caffeine
12. Started An Exercise Regime
13. Prayed
14. Cut Out Carbs
15. Stopped Eating Meat
16. Eaten Bigger Breakfasts
17. Cut Out Chocolate
18. Had Sex During A Full Moon
19. Started Meditating
20. Cut Out Dairy

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