Trying For A Baby? Our Male Fertility Booster Checklist

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Are you thinking about trying for a baby this year? If so, read our male fertility booster checklist to help boost male fertility.

When you're trying for a baby, it's usual to take your own fertility into account and make some lifestyle changes ahead of pregnancy. But don't forget about your partner, as male fertility is important to consider too.

There are lots of things men can do to improve the chances of conception and help encourage healthy sperm count, from changes to diet through to lifestyle changes.

However, if you're not sure where to start, we've put together a male fertility booster checklist:

Make Lifestyle Changes

Avoid alcohol as it lowers men's sperm count, even when they're drinking small amounts, unfortunately. Avoid recreational drugs and stop smoking - we're sure you're aware of all the risks, but it has also been shown to reduce both sperm count and the sperm motility.

Have Sex At The Right Time

Research shows the best time to have sex is actually in the morning, as men's sperm count is higher at this time of the day. Set an alarm if you need to, but take advantage of it!

Make Sure You Keep Cool

Men have a higher sperm count when their genitals are kept at a cooler temperature. So wear cooler, loser underwear and stay away from hot tubs, boiling hot showers and baths. For now, at least.

Take A Supplement

Take a supplement which contains specific nutrients such as zinc to help support male reproductive health (there is more info here on Wellman Conception, also available in a dual  Pregnacare His and Hers pack along with Pregnacare Conception).

Eat A Healthy, Varied Diet

If men are malnourished or not getting enough of the right foods and nutrients their sperm count can suffer. Make sure they eat a healthly diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and avoid overly processed food.

Try And De-Stress

Fatigue can have an effect on a man's interest in sex so it is important to try and find a balance. Exercise can help if you're stressed.

Mobile Phones

The last point in our male fertility booster checklist is phones. According to research by scientists in Hungary, men who keep mobile phones switched-on in their trouser pocket or on belts have significantly lowered sperm counts and risk their fertility being cut by up to a third. Also, the sperm's motility may be affected by long calls. So put down your phone!

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