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Welcome to the Vitabiotics men's blog, we cover a wide range of topics including health, exercise, food, lifestyle and grooming.

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PMAC Fitness
Men | 2020
PMAC Talks To Wellman
UK’s No 1 men’s supplement brand Wellman has teamed up with qualified personal trainer and Instagram star PMAC to discuss everything from his lifestyle habits to career decisions.
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David Gandy
David Gandy, ambassador for Wellman: the very best of British
Known for his passion for fitness and for the championing of top British brands, David Gandy is the ambassador for Vitabiotics Wellman.
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Karolis Mieliauskas
Men | 2020
Karolis Mieliauskas: Powered Across The World By Wellman
Men’s grooming is a topic that has been steadily gaining momentum for the last decade. Today many men don’t need their significant other to guide them through the seemingly endless products.
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Man Touching His Hair
Men | 2018
The Most Common Impacts Hair Loss Has On a Man’s Life
The following blog post was written by Spencer 'Spex' Stevenson, whose popular website Spex Hair offers scientifically-based advice to men who are looking to maintain a healthy head of hair.
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Couple Holding Hands
Men | 2017
10 tips to help boost male fertility
Thinking about trying for a baby? Make sure you read these ten tips to help boost male fertility naturally
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Men | 2017
Spotlight on Male Grooming – The Wellman Grooming Range
Here at Vitabiotics, we know that your skin goes through a lot each and every day. From harsh and drying weather conditions to the abrasive damage caused by shaving, it’s more important than ever to look after your skin.
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