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Welcome to the Vitabiotics women's blog, we cover a wide range of topics including health, exercise, food, lifestyle and beauty. Everything a woman needs in a blog and more.

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Woman holding flower over eye
Women | 18/10/2022
Menopositives: Positive Things About the Menopause
Women have revealed the positive things about the menopause, including not having periods, the end of PMS and having more confidence.
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tray table of food on bed
Women | 22/07/2022
Tips for during the menopause
The menopause is a natural stage of life for women, usually occurring between 45 and 55 years of age. It can be a challenging time for some, but for many it can bring positive changes in your life. Here are our top tips for embracing this journey
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Laura Biceps
Women | 2020
Laura Biceps Talks To Wellwoman
UK’s No 1 women’s supplement brand Wellwoman has teamed up with qualified personal trainer, author and instagram star Laura Biceps to discuss everything from her lifestyle habits to career decisions.
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Woman Using Mascara
women | 2019
What's in your beauty products?
It was reported that the average British woman spends around £70,000 in their lifetime on beauty productsalone. However, with so many of us willing to spend our hard earned cash on skincare, haircare and cosmetics, how clued up are we on what ingredients actually go into them?
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Queens Award
women | 2019
Announcing The Queen’s Award for Innovation for the Perfectil range
Vitabiotics becomes the first vitamin company in history to receive the Queen’s Award for innovation for the second time
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