Looking For The Perfect Hairline

Vitabiotics | Published: 01/08/2018

Looking For The Perfect Hairline

Vitabiotics' hair loss expert Spencer Stevenson is well known to hair loss sufferers throughout the world and has been helping educate them for over 10 years. He has endured wigs, laser and 10 transplant surgeries. Here, he shares his experience of hair transplant surgery as the latest step on his quest for a faultless hairline.

In Pursuit Of The Perfect Hairline

I have forever been on the lookout for game-changing hair regrowth techniques and strategies that would help achieve the perfect hairline. On my quest, I soon found out I was not alone. After a number of hair transplant procedures, and having met more hair transplant patients than you can count, I can say that the desire for an impeccable hairline is high on many men’s bucket lists.

You see, the male species are a lot more sensitive than many would give us credit for. For some, a full, glossy mane is arguably one of the most important symbols of our masculinity.

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Now, if you’re currently wondering to yourself “Who is this guy, and what does he know about hair loss?” then fair enough. I’d probably be asking the same thing.

My own hair loss odyssey began nearly 20 years ago and I’ve written extensively in the media and on my own website about hair loss. I became known as ‘The Hairline Hero’ thanks to the Daily Mail, and the name has stuck ever since.

The Good, Bad, and Truly Ugly

There’s not a lot I haven’t tried or done in my bid to reclaim my right to a healthy head of hair. I’ve worn wigs, battled with depression and self-confidence, explored countless ‘natural’ and ‘alternative’ therapies and endured more than 10 hair transplant surgeries.

During that time, I have researched, analysed, discussed and studied, leaving no stone unturned. I’ve subjected myself to painful, draining and useless so-called cures and suffered more than my fair share of indignities. Of the ton of money I’ve thrown at resolving my hair loss issue, only about 20% of what I’ve spent has really been worth it.

Thankfully the arrival of groundbreaking technology and better scientific knowledge has changed the game - specifically with regards to hair transplants.

With that in mind, in June of this year, I took the plunge and booked myself in for another visit to see the specialists at Harley St Hair Clinic.

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The Day Of Regrowth

On the day of the procedure, I arrived at 8am, feeling as excited as a young boy on Christmas Eve. To make it easier for other patients to understand what to expect from the hair transplant procedure, I started filming the whole experience.

I then met the highly regarded Dr Kovacheva. We sat down to discuss at length my concerns and goals. Right off the bat she embraced my vision, while also remarking on how good the previous hair transplanted hairline looked. We agreed not to alter the design of the hairline, just lower it slightly.

  • Dr Kovacheva harvested 618 by hand, via FUE, which equated to 1021 hairs
  • She placed multis behind the hairline to help bulk up thinner areas
  • She used single hair grafts along the frontal line
  • These were implanted in the recipient area singlehandedly

I was in the chair for around five hours. I must admit, after several hair transplant surgeries over the years, the incisions and numbing shots were real stingers. This was due to the volume of scar tissue in the recipient area caused by previous sessions. But as they say, no pain no gain.

Everyone Is Different, And That’s Fine

Throughout my experiences one of the big things that I’ve learned is that a hairline is unique to every individual. It’s important you feel confident with yours.

If you are considering surgery, it really is vital that you and the surgeon are on the same page. Be upfront on what your end goal is, and discuss with them how achievable this is, before you go ahead. The experience and passion for perfection of the surgeons you choose is vital as no two surgeons are the same or have the same vision. You need to research who is right for you.

I was delighted with Dr Kovacheva’s work. After meeting a number of her patients (another way of researching) I knew she was a good choice. It’s worth noting that she manually performed the extraction and implantation of the hair – a hallmark of quality.

The Road Ahead

Back to me, and I’m now two weeks post op and healing well. It’s now a waiting game, as I know only too well from reading hundreds of posts online about patience and growth times. I will be checking in and updating regularly on my blog. Remember, you are not alone. It truly matters to me to be a guiding light to the millions of men facing hair loss.

Above: Spencer at his consultation with Dr Kovacheva

Disclaimer: Spencer received his hair transplant procedure with The Harley Street Hair Clinic free of charge, in exchange for his honest review.

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