Pregnacare A-Z Guide To Pregnancy And Nutrition – Letter W

Here's Our Pregnacare A-Z Guide To Pregnancy & Nutrition - The Letter W

Pregnacare A-Z guide to pregnancy and nutrition - the letter W

Are you pregnant? Make sure you read our Pregnacare A-Z of Pregnancy and Nutrition, covering everything important for parents-to-be. Next, we take a look at the letter W during pregnancy

Our Pregnacare A-Z is a series of posts, one for each letter of the alphabet, designed to help you understand your nutritional needs, how they change and the best foods to choose during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

This A to Z answers many of the important questions mums-to-be have about pregnancy and nutrition. It covers everything from antenatal care through to water intake, via pregnancy vitamin supplements. You can download the full version of the guide in PDF format here.

If you have any further questions, make sure you ask your midwife or GP.

Pregnacare A-Z Of Pregnancy And Nutrition – What Does The Letter W Stand For?

Water Intake

How Much Water Should I Drink During Pregnancy?

Drink plenty of water and other fluids, as pregnant women dehydrate more quickly than normal. Drinking plenty of fluids is important, especially when exercising or if the weather is hot.

Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Losing Weight After Pregnancy – Slowly And Steadily

How do i lose weight after pregnancy?

Just as it’s best to put on weight slowly and steadily during your pregnancy, you need to be slow and steady in losing weight after your pregnancy.

If you are breast-feeding you should not follow a weight reducing diet.

A general rule for weight loss is to aim for around 1lb per week. It might not sound much, but it quickly adds up and gives your body chance to recover and skin time to gradually shrink back.

Breast-feeding can help you lose weight naturally with a well-balanced diet.

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While every attempt has been made to ensure that the information contained in this guide is accurate and reliable, this is intended as a guide only and not a substitute for advice from a health professional. Please note: Vitabiotics cannot guarantee the reliability of facts obtained from other third party information sources. Information correct at time of being published (May 2020).

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