Find Out Monthly Birth Facts About Your Baby

Read Our Monthly Baby Facts

Read our monthly baby facts

Have you just had a baby? Find out monthly birth facts about your newborn.

Find Out Your Baby’s Monthly Birth Facts

What is the birth stone for your baby’s birth month?

What about the birth flower for the month they were born?

What was the number one song on the day your baby was born?

When it comes to star signs, what will my baby be?

Are there any unusual facts about my baby’s birth month?

If you’ve just given birth or have a small baby, or want to discover more about your baby’s birth month, read our monthly birth facts posts.

Each post covers the above facts and more, with details including famous people born in the same month, what you baby’s birth month will say about their home, and the type of career they are likely to have.

Facts About Your Baby’s Birth Month

facts about your baby's birth month

Read our facts about January babies.

Discover facts about February babies.

What about March babies? 

Find out about April babies.

When it comes to May babies what can you find out?

Read all about June babies.

And find out more when it comes to July babies.

Read facts about August babies.

And facts about September babies.

October babies birth month facts.

Need to know about November babies? Read our post.

And finally, read our facts about December babies.

If You’ve Just Had A Baby

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Find out more about our Pregnacare postnatal and breastfeeding vitamins.

Once You’ve Read Our Monthly Birth Facts

Read about baby body language / how to save money when you have a baby

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