25 Spring Arts and Crafts for Kids

Here Are 25 Spring Arts And Crafts For Ideas For Kids

If your kids love crafting, make sure you check out our list of 25 spring arts and crafts.

This list is packed full of ideas for seasonal creative crafting and art projects to keep your children busy and put a spring in everyone’s step.

Egg-themed Art And Craft Projects

Easter egg arts and crafts
  • If your children are keen to paint eggs, why not use natural ingredients you already have in your kitchen? Here’s a how-to guide for natural egg dye ideas.
  • For an easy and colourful Easter breakfast setting, make these easy origami egg cups over on Red Ted Art’s blog. This psring art and crafts idea is a great way of using up the scraps of paper you have lying around the house.
  • If you have plastic egg shells left over from small children’s toys, use them to make an egg flower bouquet.
  • Get your little ones to paint colourful eggs using a surprising craft supply – shaving foam. More here.
  • If you don't have eggs, look in your garden for rocks and paint them instead. Here’s a guide to painted egg rocks.

Animal Art And Craft Projects

Animal easter crafts

Spring Painting And Crafting Projects

Arts And Crafts Painting Project
  • An craft idea even very little children can take part in, try this Easter chick fork painting.
  • This craft idea uses something we’re sure most people will have around the house – Lego and Duplo egg printing from The Imagination Tree.
  • Want to send a personalised card to someone this spring? These bunny handprint cards are super cute and also a lovely keepsake.
  • A nature-themed art and craft project, print off the template for these spring tree crafts from Crafts on Sea.
  • And as there is usually a lot of it in spring, make these weather-themed cards

Spring And Easter Decorations

Easter decorations for your house

Want to decorate your house for spring? Use these simple art and craft ideas:

Spring Crafting Ideas For Tweens and Tweens

emoji easter eggs
  • Emoji Easter eggs - why not? Here's a guide to painting them.
  • If you have access to a sewing machine, why not work together to make these bunny scrunchies?
  • One for all the plant lovers – you can decorate plant pots to create these Easter chick planters.
  • If your children love painting, here’s an egg painting project with a difference – challenge them to paint your family on a set of eggshells. There’s a guide here.
  • And finally, another hair themed-craft for tweens and teens, a bunny ears twist wrap for their hair.

Once you've read our list of spring arts and crafts, read our recycled objects craft ideas and follow us over on Pinterest.

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