10 Quick and Easy Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids Using Household items

If you are looking for arts and crafts ideas for kids, we have ten projects that use household items you are likely to already have lying around the house.

From paper craft ideas, to ideas for using up leftover toilet roll tubes, to crafts for toddlers, these craft projects will take and transform all the recyclable materials you have at home, and keep your kids busy and occupied for hours, too.

Here Are Ten Quick and Easy Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids Using Household Items

Black Scissors Near Brown Pencils On Top Of White Textile

Recycled Paper Craft for Fans of Colouring

Person Colouring Art With Crayons

If you have lots of printouts waiting to be recycled, re-use them to print colouring sheets for your toddlers and little ones. Googling most subjects + ‘colouring sheet’ will bring up designs featuring popular characters or fun patterns, which you can them print off for them to colour to their heart’s content.

Perfect Pom Pom Crafts from Leftover Wool

Person Holding Pom Poms

Want to make a perfect pom pom with your kids? All you need is old cardboard and any spare or leftover pieces of wool you might have lying around. Watch this video first, but as this technique involves sharp scissors, you’ll need to work with your child depending on their age.

Make Elmer the Elephant with This Fun Milk Bottle Craft

If your children are fans of colourful patchwork character Elmer, use a plastic milk bottle and leftover scraps of paper to make this cheerful craft on The Imagination Tree.

More Milk Bottle Craft Ideas – Make Milk Bottle Bugs

Use leftover plastic milk bottles to make bug shapes, which your children can then colour in. She how it’s done over on Sarah and Lily’s Instagram:

Perfect Pinecone Crafts

Woman Holding Brown Pinecones

Do you have a collection of pinecones picked up on your walks? Baker Ross has lots of kids craft project ideas for transforming them into something fun, including this pine cone pineapple.

Toilet Roll Crafts – Make a Pair of Binoculars

Want to entertain your child and use up all the spare cardboard tubes you have lying around the house? Craft these loo roll binoculars for your animal and adventure-loving toddler. For hygiene reasons you may want to use paper tubes from kitchen roll instead.

More Toilet Roll Crafts – Make Japanese Fish Kites

Craft blogger Emma Scott-Lee is behind the Ladyland Craft Club over on Instagram, with regular art and craft ideas for kids. We love these Koinobori fish kites using leftover toilet roll tubes and tissue paper.

Crafts for Toddlers – Make a Recycled Robot

All toddlers love robots, and with this fun craft you can make robots however you want, and use up lots of odds and ends from the recycling box at the same time. Read this post on Day Out With The Kids to see how they did it.

Make A Fun Jelly Pot Jellyfish

If your children like mini pots of jelly you buy from the supermarket, then take the leftover pots and transform them into a fun sea creature with wobbly legs. Here is how Not Another Mummy Blog made hers:

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