Easy Christmas Crafts For Kids

Follow Our Ideas For Easy Christmas Crafting For Kids

Easy Christmas crafting ideas for kids

If you want to get crafting this Christmas, follow our easy Christmas ideas for kids.

Christmas Craft Ideas For Children


1. DIY Star Decorations

Make these super-easy DIY star Christmas decorations. All you’ll need is any leftover paper party bags in Christmas colours, glue and scissors.

2. Santa Paper Plates

This is an easy Christmas craft for pre-schoolers, and these Santa paper plates are simple to make and look great too. Follow the video from Childhood Magic:

3. Handprint Tree Ornaments

A slightly trickier Christmas craft, this is fun for art-loving older children who can get really creative with the designs. These also make great keepsakes for family members.

4. Air Dry Clay Decorations

Make these easy Christmas decorations with your children using Christmas-shaped cutters, and get them to decorate them with paint, glue, glitter and whatever you have in the house. These also make great gifts for relatives.

Read the guide over on A Baby On Board.

air dry clay decorations

5. Pine Cone Christmas Trees

If your little ones are avid collectors of pine cones, put them to good use this Christmas with this pine cone tree craft.

6. Egg Carton Bells

Recycle your egg boxes to make these Christmassy bells over on Recycle And Play (make sure you add glitter!)

If you like using up household items to craft, read our post on recycled crafts.

Once you've read our post on easy Christmas crafts:

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