10 Valentines Crafts for Kids

We Round-up 10 Of Our Favourite Valentine Crafts For Kids

Looking for the best Valentine crafts for kids? We round-up ten of our favourite Valentine's Day crafts and art projects for children.

valentines crafting

Get Crafty This Valentine's Day

Love is in the air, and what better excuse do you need for getting out the glue sticks? Children love crafting, and making things with a Valentines theme – on the days around Valentine’s Day, and beyond – is a great excuse to mix things up and get creative.

Here’s our round-up of Valentine's Day craft ideas that includes five-minute crafts, crafts for toddlers and fun crafts for older children.

Valentine Crafts for kids

Here Are 10 Of Our Favourite Valentine Crafts For Kids:


1. Shaving Cream Hearts

A simple children’s craft involving shaving foam and pink paint, we love these colourful hearts from Hello Wonderful on Instagram:

2. Paper Heart Garlands

This Valentine craft will use up all your scraps of spare paper and any string you have lying around. It will also make your house pretty! What's not to love? Get crafty with this idea for colourful heart garlands from Rex London.

3. A Simple Heart Card

Why not share the love with these simple homemade cards? If your child isn't old enough to master sewing yet, you can get them to draw inside.

4. Heart-Shaped Ladybird Stamps

Grab your leftover loo rolls and get stamping. We love this simple idea for heart-shaped ladybird stamps from Hello Wonderful.

5. Watercolour Heart Surprises

If your little ones love getting the paints out, try these simple heart surprises using clear wax crayon for a heart ‘surprise.’

6. Paper Tube Garland

Raid the recycling box and use up leftover kitchen roll cardboard tubes by snipping them into simple heart shapes and threading them onto a string. Et voila, a heart-shaped garland you can decorate your house with.

7. Clay Heart Trinket ray

8. Heart-shaped Stamping

Use heart-shaped sponges to stamp heart-shaped face art. This is simple and fun, for even very young crafters.

Use flowers and leaves from your garden or the park to make these simple clay trinket trays from Little Pin Learners, as seen over on Instagram.

9. Heart-shaped crayons

What better way to use up all the broken crayon pieces you have lying around the house? This craft uses a heart-shaped mould (which you can buy online) to remake old crayons into something much more lovely. Follow this Childhood Magic tutorial.

10. Simple heart-shaped wands

Share the love with these simple heart-shaped pipe-cleaner wands from Cinta & Co.

Loved our Valentines crafts for kids? Here are more ideas and inspiration for children’s activities:

If this has inspired you to get creative, make sure you read our post on arts and crafts using recycled objects.

You can also follow our Valentine’s Craft Activities for Children board on TalkMum Pinterest.

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