Wellkid Peppa Pig Kids Activities

Peppa Pig Image

Spot The Difference

Can you spot 6 or more differences between these two pictures of Peppa and friends at the fruit stall?

Spot The Difference Peppa Pig Game


Maze Fun

Grandpa pig needs to get through the maze, can you help him?

Maze Fun Peppa Pig Activity Game


Counting Fun

How many apples, oranges, grapes, and watermelon can you count?

Counting Fun Peppa Pig Activity Game


Colouring Fun

Peppa and George are eating apples. Help colour them in.

Colouring Fun Peppa Pig Activity Game


Colouring In Fun

What do you do on your family days out? Peppa and family are flying a kite!

Colouring In Fun Peppa Pig Activity Game


Boat Race

Help Peppa and her family get back to Miss Rabbit.


Muddy Puddles

Here you will find a range of exciting Peppa Pig games to play!

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