The Top 50 Questions Googled During Pregnancy

A recent poll of 2,000 mums, commissioned by Pregnacare, found that 67% of them felt the internet was their lifeline during pregnancy, allowing them to ask the questions they were too embarrassed to ask in real life.

On average, the surveyed mothers would ask more than 1,000 questions over the nine months, with searching the internet being the most common way to ask (67%), followed by asking a midwife (59%), speaking to their own mum (48%) or friends (46%).

56% of mums polled think they asked more questions on Google than they did of people in real life, with 6 in 10 admitting searching for things they already knew the answer to.

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Below, you will find the top 50 questions asked by the 2,000 mums polled during pregnancy.


  1. Baby name ideas
  2. How big is the baby now?
  3. Where can I buy maternity clothes?
  4. How much weight should you put on during pregnancy?
  5. Can you take paracetamol when pregnant?
  6. What foods should you eat more of during pregnancy?
  7. Morning sickness remedies
  8. What do mild pains during pregnancy mean?
  9. What vitamins and minerals are important to consume during pregnancy?
  10. What supplements should you take during pregnancy?
  11. What caused back pain in pregnancy?
  12. How long does morning sickness last?
  13. What will the baby look like now?
  14. Why do you feel so tired?
  15. Is it okay to eat peanut butter / fish / cheese?
  16. How much folic acid do you need to have?
  17. How can you get a good night's sleep?
  18. When do you start to show during pregnancy?
  19. Is bleeding during pregnancy OK?
  20. How to tell how far along you are?
  21. Antenatal care in pregnancy
  22. What foods are a good source of folic acid?
  23. What is the NHS pregnancy journey like?
  24. Is it safe to have sex?
  25. Why do you get headaches during pregnancy?
  26. Should you be exercising during pregnancy?
  27. Can the baby hear you?
  28. Can you cure morning sickness?
  29. Is mayonnaise safe to eat?
  30. When should you stop feeling sick?
  31. Why do you need to go to the toilet so much?
  32. When do you have to stop flying during pregnancy?
  33. How do you register with a midwife?
  34. How much vitamin D should you have when you are pregnant?
  35. Can you have a false positive pregnancy test?
  36. Can you eat cooked brie and camembert during pregnancy?
  37. Will the baby feel you having sex?
  38. Painful constipation in pregnancy
  39. Why do your ankles swell up?
  40. How can you tell if you're pregnant with twins?
  41. Should you talk to your baby?
  42. What does it mean if you have a high bump?
  43. How big will your breasts get during pregnancy?
  44. Should you play your baby happy music?
  45. Why might you not have much morning sickness?
  46. Gender reveal ideas
  47. Can you have nosebleeds during pregnancy?
  48. Pregnancy reveal ideas
  49. Belly button pains during pregnancy?
  50. What's a molar pregnancy?


For pregnancy related tips and information, check out our TalkMum blog page.

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