My happy c-section birth stories (and WHY are we so obsessed with birth stories?!)

Looking for some happy and positive c-section birth stories? TalkMum blogger Katie from Mummy Daddy Me is back with another post and video – this month, she’s talking about why we’re all so fascinated by pregnancy and birth stories, from watching One Born Every Minute to reading bloggers’ pregnancy diaries…

There is something so interesting about reading other people’s pregnancy journeys and birth stories.

I know I was exactly the same when I was pregnant with my first baby. I religiously watched One Born Every Minute and absolutely loved seeing all the stories on there. My husband would laugh in despair as like so many women I would spend the entire program in floods of tears- I couldn’t quite believe that we would soon be having a baby of our own. Weirdly ever since my daughter was born I haven’t watched another episode since. I just completely went off watching it, which is so strange as so many of my friends still really enjoy it. But I definitely think there is something so interesting and reassuring to see other ‘normal’ people talk about their pregnancies- to me it is so much more engaging than seeing a celebrity talk about it.

I read a lot of blogs and still absolutely love reading about other bloggers’ pregnancy journeys. They are all so different and exciting, and having been through it myself twice, I can fully empathise with the harder bits and get excited about the amazing parts. Even now, if I could relive any day in my life it would definitely be the birth of my daughters. There is nothing more surreal, addictive and incredible than meeting your baby for the first time.

I think that’s why I love birth stories- you can just completely imagine exactly how they are feeling and that it is just the start of their family journey.

I share a lot about my family life on my blog, but back when I was pregnant with my eldest daughter, Mads, I didn’t have a blog. I was really unsure about even putting anything about my pregnancy on social media. I figured that I would tell anyone I really wanted to know face to face and with everyone else it didn’t really matter (nor would they care) if they knew or not. But after our 20 week scan when we found out we were having a little girl, my husband really wanted to put an announcement on Facebook. A lot of his friends live away from us and he wasn’t necessarily going to be seeing them anytime soon to be able to tell them face to face. Eventually we did put a little ‘announcement’ up on Facebook.

By the time I was pregnant with my second daughter, LL, I had started blogging all about our family life over on my blog Mummy Daddy Me. I wanted to do a post announcing our news and I also wanted to document my pregnancy. I started thinking that if anything was going to go wrong, it would happen regardless of whether I put things on social media. So I documented my pregnancy over on my blog - I took weekly bump photos and now looking back I am thrilled I did this as it is such a nice record to have.

I still have people emailing me every now and again to say thank you for my bump updates as they have been reading them as they are pregnant and have stumbled across them on Google. I’m so happy to be able to help and support other mums-to-be, even the ones I don’t know! That’s one of my favourite things about blogging.

Watch Katie’s latest video, where she shares her birth stories with us.

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