Monthly pregnancy updates: month four of pregnancy

What’s it like to be four months pregnant, and into the second trimester? Read the latest instalment in our month-by-month guide to pregnancy

If you're four months pregnant, or just about to be, you might be wondering what you can expect to happen during month four of pregnancy.

Hitting month four of pregnancy means you're into the second trimester. You're likely to have had your first doctor and midwife appointments and your first pregnancy scan. By now, you might have let everyone know your news. And out of the first trimester, you might hopefully feel a bit more like, well, yourself.

For more information on month four of pregnancy, make sure you read on.

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Month four of pregnancy...

Month four of pregnancy: pregnancy symptoms

While you might have spent spent the first trimester suffering from some, all or none of the well-known and less well-known, more unusual pregnancy symptoms , as you enter the second trimester and the placenta takes over, your pregnancy symptoms might start to subside. This is usually, although not for everyone, the period where you feel less sick and more tired and have your energy back. You might even notice some positive symptoms - thick, glossy hair that doesn't fall out being one. However, everyone is different and some people spend all nine and a half months feeling awful (unfortunately!)

Month four of pregnancy: developments and changes

As you enter the second trimester, the baby is growing so you might start to develop a baby bump. How quickly you develop a bump depends on lots of factors, including if it's your first pregnancy, so you might only start to develop your bump later on in the second trimester. You might also notice breast changes; they might be larger than usual.

Month four of pregnancy: appointments

Once you have all the excitement of your booking-in appointment with the midwife and your first pregnancy scan, not much happens this month. You might have an follow-up appointment with your midwife in week 16 to discuss any blood test or test results and see how you're feeling.

What to do in month four of pregnancy

  • Find comfortable clothes. While you might not yet have a big bump, you probably don't want to feel hot and constricted, so invest in some 'relaxing' gear
  • Carry on taking your pregnancy vitamins (more information in our post on why you should take a combined pregnancy supplement and for longer than 12 weeks)
  • Take advantage of the break from nausea. As your sickness subsides it’s easier to keep food down, so now is a good time to make sure you’re eating as well as possible and staying hydrated, and think about some pregnancy exercise.

Enjoy month 4! Make sure you also read our midwife's advice on pregnancy diet and exercise...

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