Healthy life hacks for busy mums

Being healthy doesn't have to be hard! Here's how, with some easy 'hacks'...

Get cleaning! It doesn't sound like much fun, but stick some Taylor Swift on and vacuum, dust, tidy - you'll burn 80 calories in 20 minutes. (And your home will look nicer too. Bonus.)

Use a pedometer. Studies show people who use one, walk 27% more. You can get nifty pedometers that link into iPhone apps which chart your progress. We loved the look of this one used by mum Lori on her blog Wild and Grizzly.

Focus on your breathing for five minutes. We're not talking about full on meditation here, but if you can, take five minutes while your baby is napping, or your kids are in bed, in the evening just to listen to your breathing. It will calm you down and release happy hormones.

If you want to make healthy smoothie every day, prepare the ingredients for a month's worth and pop them in individual bags before freezing. We spotted this tip over on A Mummy Too's Facebook page (right) and we think it's genius.

Prepare a healthy breakfast the night before. It's the most important meal of the day, kick-starting your metabolism, so Katrina from Cool Bananas suggests you pop some overnight oats or a juice in the fridge at night, then come morning, just grab and go!

Swap your morning cuppa for hot water, lemon and ginger to cleanse your system and really get your metabolism going.

Don't take your phone to bed. Staring at your phone or tablet screen at bedtime causes you to take longer to reach the deeper stages of sleep and to spend less time in them. Bad news, as deep sleep is essential for your body to rejuvenate cells and repair damage suffered during the day. Leave the phone in another room, to stop the temptation to browse your Facebook news feed.

Do you have any healthy life hacks to share? Comment below or tweet us @Talkmum. Also, see why TalkMum blogger Katrina isn't down with new year resolutions.

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