Baby’s first Christmas: Everything you need to take with you when visiting family

Your baby’s first Christmas can be a magical time, with many of your family and friends getting to meet your newborn. However, it may also be the first time that you have to travel with your baby and master your baby packing list.


When you’re in the comfort of your own home, you are safe in the knowledge that you have everything you need in case of any eventuality. When you are travelling, that safety blanket is not an option, so narrowing down your baby packing list is essential to easy and stress-free travel.


Putting together your baby packing list


Knowing exactly what to take with you can be a struggle. It’s tempting to take everything available, but then it’s more difficult to travel with a car filled with baby essentials.


As a new parent, it’s understandable that you will be over cautious, but this can lead to overpacking. In order to create the best baby packing list, you need to think about the items you use every single day. You may be surprised how little you actually use!


Remember, you will always be able to buy anything extra that you may end up needing whilst travelling. You can also ask your family or friends to purchase things for you in preparation for your arrival.


How to pack your baby’s overnight bag - a checklist


When it comes to packing your baby’s overnight bag, make sure you have all of your most frequently used items at the top and in areas that are easily accessible. This will make things a lot easier when trying to find things such as baby wipes or nappies.


When deciding what to pack in your baby’s overnight bag, we’ve compiled a list of some of the essentials you will need for your travels. This list is based on travelling by car. If you are travelling by train or plane, you may need a few extras, as you won’t have the luxury of making quick stops:


  • Nappies - One for each hour you’ll be travelling there and back and a few more, just in case
  • Changing pad
  • Baby blankets - at least 3
  • Plastic bags for dirty nappies, clothes and blankets
  • Rash cream
  • Baby wipes
  • Tissues
  • Clothes, shoes, socks, dummies & toys (the absolute essentials)
  • Washable bibs
  • Food (whether that’s solid foods or formula)
  • Breast pump & extra bottles (if you use them)
  • Nightlight
  • First aid kit and energy boosting snacks
  • Car seat
  • Collapsible pram
  • Inflatable baby bathtub


There may be items that you use everyday that are not included on the list, so feel free to add things and take things away that you feel may not be necessary.


Feeding your baby when travelling


When it comes to feeding your baby whilst travelling, what you choose to take with you will depend on whether you are breastfeeding or using formula.


If you are breastfeeding, make sure you have your breast pump, spare bottles and bottle nipples, as well as the correct tools for sanitizing your bottles. They are all essential things to carry with you.


The same can be said for formula feeding, but you will need to ensure that you have enough formula for both journeys and for however long you plan to stay for.


Don’t forget to pack some Wellbaby vitamin supplements in your baby’s overnight bag, which can help to support your baby’s diet from birth.  


Make baby’s first Christmas as stress free as possible


Try not to stress too much and remember to take time out to enjoy your baby’s first Christmas. You will always have the opportunity to buy anything you have forgotten or need more of, so relax and enjoy this festive time with your new addition.


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