How to stay stress-free and healthy on a long haul flight

A Plane Landing On A Runway

Booking a holiday to a far off place can be incredibly exciting, but travelling on long-haul flights can leave you feeling lethargic. When you’re travelling that far, you want to be able to enjoy every second of your time away, which is why it’s so important to take care of yourself whilst en route.

Below, we take a look at some of the ways you can ensure you have enough energy to explore as soon as you hit the tarmac and keep you feeling fresh and ready to go no matter how long your flight has been.

Essentials To Pack In Your Long-Haul Flight Hand Luggage

When it comes to wellness on a long-haul flight, there a few essentials you can take to make things a little more bearable:

  • Eye Mask - This helps to block out excess light, helping you sleep a bit better
  • Ear Plugs - Planes can be noisy sometimes, so ear plugs can help muffle annoying sounds to help you get some sleep
  • Lip Balm - The air conditioning in planes can dry out your skin, especially your lips, so make sure you’ve got a nourishing lip balm to hand
  • Face Mask Or Moisturiser - It may seem unnecessary, but making sure your skin is hydrated can make a world of difference to how awake and alert you feel
  • Wet Wipes - You’ll be on the plane for a good few hours, so wet wipes can help you freshen up and feel a bit more alive once you land
  • Entertainment - You don’t want to get bored on a 8+ hour flight, so take this time to relax and do something that you love, such as reading, drawing or even writing!

How To Prevent DVT When Flying

Deep vein thrombosis is something we all need to be wary of when flying for long distances. However, there are plenty of things you can do to help prevent DVT.

It’s worth noting that there are certain people who are more at risk than others. To see if you could be at a greater risk of getting DVT, head to the NHS Choices DVT page.

With a few simple steps, you can vastly decrease your chances of getting deep vein thrombosis. Things like:

  • Wearing loose and comfortable clothing
  • Wearing flight socks
  • Ensuring you drink plenty of water
  • Doing DVT exercises
  • Getting up to take small walks up and down the plane

How To Keep Your Energy Up During Your Flight

All the waiting around, sitting for long periods of time and ever-changing air pressure and temperatures can drain us of energy. Pair that with the difficulty of getting a good night's sleep and long-haul flights can often leave us feeling run-down.

Trying to get a decent sleep can be a struggle, but by using your eye mask and earplugs, you should find it easier to block out noise and other passengers to drift off. Use a travel pillow to support your neck and practice some deep breathing exercises to slow down your heart rate and send you off to sleep.

You can even take our Wellman and Wellwoman Energy supplements in your hand luggage, to help support your body whilst travelling. The dissolvable tablets can easily be popped into some water to create a tasty, nutritious drink.

Wellness Techniques To Practice Whilst Flying

It’s important to look after yourself inside and out when travelling on a long-haul flight. Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and using beauty products such as sheet masks, moisturisers and lip balms to keep your skin feeling soft.

However, there are also stress relieving techniques you can try, such as meditation and breathing exercises. These can help you to relax and enjoy the journey, rather than stressing about getting to your destination.

Why not take a stress-busting colouring book on your flight with you? Or finally get around to reading that book that has been on your shelf for months? Travelling is the perfect opportunity for some downtime and to enjoy being able to do absolutely nothing.

The Secret To Having A Stress-Free Long-Haul Flight

The key to having a stress-free long-haul flight is to stay mindful of how you feel in every moment. If you notice that your body is tensing up and your breathing is becoming shallower, take some time to sit and practice some deep breathing.

Travelling to beautiful distant lands is supposed to be exciting and fun! So use this travel time to start your relaxation and just enjoy the time you have to yourself.

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