5 Reasons Why You Should Take Up Swimming

Vitabiotics | Published: 24/07/2019

As the winter approaches and the cold nights set in, that evening jog in the rain or snow seems less and less attractive. However, indoor swimming pools have the answer to your need to keep fit and stay healthy. In fact, there are a number of benefits to swimming every day, ranging from keeping you toned to improving your mood. Read on to find out the 5 reasons why swimming is one of the best sports you can take up.

Why Is Swimming Good For You?

1. Increase Your Muscle Strength And Tone

You may be wondering, is swimming good for toning? The answer is yes! Swimming is one of the best ways to increase your muscle strength and tone especially when comparing it to other forms of aerobic exercise.

Water is about twelve times denser than air, so when you are propelling yourself through the water, your workout not only becomes aerobic but also a form of resistance training.

2. Emotional Benefits Of Swimming

Considered a form of moving meditation, swimming is a great way to relax and shut off any distractions as you concentrate on your swimming stroke, your breathing and the water.

As a result of the reduction in stress, endorphins are released. Inactivity can also contribute to a lack of energy, but just 30 minutes of swimming at least 3 times a week is reported to increase both metabolic rate and energy levels.

3. Workout Even When You’ve Got Sore Muscles And Joints

After a heavy session at the gym or a long run, you can be left with sore joints and stiff muscles. One of the benefits of swimming is that you can have a full body workout without placing significant loads on your bones and muscles.

When you’re in a swimming pool up to your waist, your body is 50% lighter and up to your neck, it is 90% lighter. This means that you can fill your rest days with a light swim and workout in the pool which will also help to loosen those tight muscles and joints.

Unlike most exercises which concentrate on just one area of the body, swimming can help your joints and ligaments to remain healthy, strong, and flexible. Your arms, hips, legs, head and back are put through their paces with each and every stroke and if doing front crawl, by stretching forward to propel yourself through the water, you’re stretching yourself from head to toe.

4. Swimming Benefits For Your Skin

Increasing your heart rate and boosting your circulation can be beneficial for your skin. Whilst spending extended periods of time in chlorine may dry your skin out and cause irritation, it actually purifies the water molecules in your skin, reducing the chance of getting acne.
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5. A Healthy Heart And Staying Healthy

Wondering why you should swim? If you ever needed a reason, one of the most important muscles in your body that gets exercised and strengthened whilst swimming is your heart.

As swimming is an aerobic exercise, your heart is strengthened by helping it to pump more efficiently and improve the blood flow through your body. Principal swimming benefits for men and women also include weight control as it is one of the biggest and best calorie burners. Just 10 minutes of swimming can burn between 60 calories (breaststroke) and 150 calories (butterfly) depending on the stroke.

If you’re interested in finding out for yourself how is swimming healthy for you, you can search for Swim England approved swimming pools, lessons, clubs and more using this useful Poolfinder tool.

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