Charlotte's Conception Diary Part 2: We're TTC!

Woman Holding Pregnancy Test

Charlotte from Write Like No One's Watching is back on TalkMum, sharing her journey with us. Last month, she made the decision to expand her family (currently her, her partner Mark and son William) and this month, she's actually trying to conceive! Here's what she has to say, and watch her video at the end too...

We are now at that point where we have decided that trying for another baby is, well, to put it nicely, in action!

And while we haven’t been trying for very long, I have already noticed how much of an obsession it can turn into. I’ve turned into a bit of a TTC monster…

Here are five ways you know you’re a bit obsessed with trying to conceive:

1. Wee Has Never Become So Interesting

You wee on sticks to see if you’re ovulating. You wee on sticks to see if it’s worked and you are pregnant. You have a special wee pot for those cheapy ovulation sticks you bought off eBay. And suddenly, you rushing upstairs to empty your bladder, accompanied by the rustle of wrappers, has never seemed so normal to your other half.

2. Getting Down With The Lingo

TTC, DTD, EWCM and DPO. When I first started, I thought people were talking in code. But now I can TTC Talk like the best of them. And, to be honest, EWCM will always sound nicer than ‘egg-white cervical mucus’. Ew.

3. Speaking Of TTC Talk – I Can’t Stop Talking To Fellow TTCers

I have joined the BabyCentre ‘Actively Trying’ group and now I’m asking questions, asking people if they can see lines on all sorts of sticks, and soaking in the knowledge from all the wise newly-pregnant ladies. She had sex and then put her legs in the air. I must do that too.

4 Feeling Your Boobs And Other Symptom Checking

I have honestly lost count of the times I have squeezed my boobs and assessed them for their pain levels. Or looked at myself sideways in a mirror and wondered whether I looked ‘bloated’ today. If I feel queasy, I fist-pump.

5. And Finally, The Broodiness

Every time you try you count forward to what the due-date might be. You imagine what a Spring baby might be like. You start to think about nursery designs. And what travel system you might get. And every time you see a baby you send a little prayer to your ovaries – “Please let it be this month, girls.”

Is anyone with me? I hope so, or this could be awkward! Obviously I’m also taking my Pregnacare Conception every day – it makes a difference from taking the pill at least.

Fingers crossed I have a BFP (that’s big fat positive if you weren’t down with the lingo) soon.

Wish me luck!

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