Celebrity Baby Names In 2024

What Have Celebrities Named Their Babies In 2024?

What have celebrities named their babies in 2024? We look at all the latest celeb baby names including celebrity baby boy names and baby girl names – all the latest celebrity baby names from celebrities who have given birth in 2024.

If you’re pregnant and looking for baby name inspiration, or just love baby names, make sure you read this list to find all the celebrity baby names you want to steal.

What Have Celebrities Named Their Babies In 2024?

Here are all the latest celeb baby names from celebrity births in 2024.

Celebrity Baby Girl Names

What Has Sienna Miller Named Her Baby Girl?

Congratulations to actor and model Sienna Miller, who recently gave birth to her first child with boyfriend Oli Green. The couple welcomed a daughter, who is sister to Sienna’s daughter Marlowe. They have yet to release the name of their baby, so we await the news of the first celebrity baby girl name of the year.

Searching For More Baby Name Inspiration?

Once you’ve read our post on celebrity baby names, if you’re looking for more inspiration on what to name your baby, you can read the top US baby names and the top 100 baby names of the year. You can also read what celebrities named their babies in 2023.

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