PMAC Talks To Wellman

UK’s No 1 men’s supplement brand Wellman has teamed up with qualified personal trainer and Instagram star PMAC

to discuss everything from his lifestyle habits to career decisions. Below you will find a series of videos relating to the probing questions we asked PMAC.

Was Fitness Always A Big Part Of Your Life?

PMAC talks about the importance of fitness and how he stays motivated in such a demanding and busy life.


Advice For Men Trying To Set Health Goals

PMAC discusses setting new health goals and how to stick with them. PMAC covers everything from eating patterns to training schedules.


Top Tips On Nutrition

Qualified personal trainer PMAC shares his top tips on nutrition.


Should You Count Calories?

PMAC discusses the popular topics of counting calories, meal planning and cheat days.


Do Men Talk About Their Feelings?

PMAC discusses mental health and how he believes it affects men and who he talks to when it comes to mental health issues.


How Do You Overcome Failures In Your Life?

PMAC tells us what he does to overcome failures in his life and shares his advice on what others could do when they feel like they have failed.


Is Yoga More For Body Or Mind?

PMAC tells us why he regularly practises yoga. Is it more for his body or mind or even both?


We hope you have enjoyed this fantastic advice and inspiration from PMAC. Please remember to subscribe to the Vitabiotics YouTube channel for more interesting videos around health, fitness, beauty and lifestyle.

Don’t forget to check out the great range of men’s vitamins and supplements from Wellman, and if you enjoyed this blog, you may also want to check out our blog with personal trainer Laura Biceps.

Please note that the opinions and views expressed in these videos are those of PMAC and not Vitabiotics.

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