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It can feel impossible to keep up with the changing weather and the unpredictable effect it can have on our skin. With our lifestyle constantly adapting at the moment, our skin can often take the brunt, with dehydration causing dullness and environmental factors leading to dry and sometimes even acne prone skin.

I believe in a skincare approach that cares for your skin from the inside and out, so here are my top tips to keep your skin nourished and glowing throughout the year, whatever your skin type.

Q: With The Winter Months Fast Approaching, What Can We Do To Look After Dryer Skin?

A: Winter can be really harsh on our skin, and lots of people suffer from dryer and duller complexions during the colder months. The wind can weaken the outer protective layer of our skin, allowing the cold to penetrate further drying it out, while central heating sucks all the moisture from the air that your skin relies on!

To start with, it’s crucial to stay hydrated and eat a range of nutritious foods. That’s where I find Perfectil Plus Skin especially helpful, to help ensure I’m getting the vital nutrients my skin needs to stay strong and nourished. It contains nutrients to protect your skin from external stressors, and vitamins like C, B2 and biotin to help keep skin healthy.

La Roche Posay offer a great range of skincare products for dry and sensitive skin, with a number of hydrating moisturisers and cleansers that are paraben free and full of water locking ingredients. I always take a daily Perfectil Platinum Radiance supplement during the winter months, as it’s the only beauty tablet in the world to be successfully tested in a high-level study on skin quality and protection from harsh winter effects!


Q: What Can I Do To Protect Against Signs Of Ageing?

A: Dryer skin is more prone to signs of ageing, which is why it’s especially important to use a good moisturiser to lock in moisture to the skin cells and help prevent small lines from showing. This is especially true in the winter months when the humidity drops and the cold air strips our skin of its protective layers, leaving it thirsty and vulnerable. Dior’s Capture Totale moisturiser is packed full of hyaluronic acid (a chemical that is naturally present in the human body, responsible for locking in moisture) which is great for keeping skin nourished and plump to prevent signs of ageing.

Of course, drink lots of water which will keep skin hydrated and improve blood flow, for skin that looks more even and bright. Choose a protective moisturiser for your skin type, and when applying, use gentle massage techniques (be careful not to stretch out the skin by being too harsh) and this will aid lymphatic drainage and increase blood flow, for a tighter looking complexion and warm glow.

Using a Perfectil skin supplement will offer you nourishment from the inside out, helping to restore the skin, including vitamin C to help keep the body producing enough collagen, to keep you looking fresh faced.


Q: What Would You Suggest For Oily Or Acne Prone Skin This Winter?

A: It’s still important to choose a cleanser and moisturiser that work for you, and to use it regularly, even though I understand the temptation not to put moisturiser on if you have naturally oilier skin. Choose an enzyme peel exfoliator rather than a grainy one that scratches the skin’s surface which can spread bacteria. Herbivore has a range of balancing and acne preventing moisturisers, which help to balance sebum production and protect problem complexions - through their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The idea is to treat the cause of excess oil production, while locking in moisture.

Hydrated skin is happy skin, and hydration often comes from within, so I’d recommend a holistic approach. Drink lots of water regularly, eat well, and use a skin supplement like Perfectil to ensure you’re getting the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals needed for nourished, glowing skin.

Q: How Does This Advice Change For The Summer Months?

A: During the summer months, your skin will enjoy a little extra vitamin D from the sunshine, but it will also be exposed to harmful UV rays that wear down the elasticity of the skin and cause dryness and signs of ageing. Remember to wear a good SPF to protect your skin when outside - mineral sunscreens often provide the fullest and most natural barrier to the harmful effects of the sun.

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