Frankie Bridge - Perfectil Brand Ambassador

World renowned singer, presenter and award-winning author joins Perfectil, the UK’s #1 Beauty Supplement with Triple Active Support for Skin, Hair and Nails

Perfectil are delighted to announce Frankie Bridge, The Saturdays singer, Loose Women TV presenter and award-winning author, as our new Celebrity Brand Ambassador.

Frankie’s dedication to health and wellbeing, whilst juggling a busy career, motherhood and family life combined with her down to earth personality resonates with supporting daily beauty from the inside out.


1. How long have you been using the Perfectil vitamins?

I’ve been using Perfectil for 6 months now and really loving the results already.


2. Which is your favourite Perfectil Supplement?

Perfectil Max is great for all the extra support for skin, hair and nails, and sometimes, I like to switch things up and change to the delicious Perfectil Hair Crush gummies. I love the Perfectil Platinum Collagen drink shots too for that extra boost of collagen.


3. What difference in your skin and hair have you noticed since using Perfectil?

I feel that my nails are definitely stronger, considering I’m always messing around with them, changing the length and colour all the time! And I have lots of new baby hairs coming through, so my hair is noticeably healthier. Also, people keep commenting on how fresh my skin looks!

4. Why did you decided to collaborate with Perfectil?

There’s so many vitamin options out there, it can be hard to know what to choose. Perfectil, from Vitabiotics is a brand that I trust, as it’s backed by science, and has triple active support for skin, hair and nails. Vitabiotics also make Pregnacare which is a brand I trusted to take whilst pregnant, so when it came to supporting my hair, skin and nails, I turned to Perfectil as a brand I know works and could trust.


5. What does Perfectil mean to you?

Perfectil gives me the reassurance that my body is getting some extra insurance for the vitamins and support it needs, so I can feel and look my best.


6. What is your daily beauty routine?

I cleanse my face. Apply vitamin c oil. Moisturise and add an spf. I drink lots of water throughout the day and I always take Perfectil Max after my breakfast!


7. What beauty product can you not live without?

So hard to pick one! Lip balm! I have them in my car, around the house and most handbags.


8. If you were stuck on a desert island what one thing would you take?

Assuming that my family were already there, then I would definitely need lip balm!

9. What is your beauty mantra?

Brows are sisters not twins! Trust me, I learnt the hard way.


10. What does beauty from within mean to you?

It’s such a personal journey. For me, it’s about feeling confident from the inside out. Which isn’t always easy. So doing things that make me feel good, really help on those off days.

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