Celebrity Makeup Artist, Jacinta Spencer Shares Her Beauty Secrets

Vitabiotics | Published: 15/02/2023

Celebrity Makeup Artist, Jacinta Spencer Shares Her Beauty Secrets

Perfectil - the UK’s No. 1 beauty supplement brand sits down with Perfectil Expert Beauty Panellist and celebrity makeup artist, Jacinta Spencer to learn her top tips and tricks for healthy skin, hair, and nails all year round.

What are your general top tips when it comes to hair, skin, and nails?

Healthy skin, hair, and nails come from within - taking supplements like Perfectil Skin is so beneficial for my skin health as well as hair & nail health. They are packed full of nutrients such as Biotin, Zinc, vitamin C and copper which really helps improve the skin’s collagen, hair growth and stronger nails.

SPF is a must! I wear SPF all year round to protect my skin. UV is so damaging to our skin, so we need to keep it protected to keep our skin looking healthy and glowing!

I always ensure I drink plenty of water and keep hydrated. No one wants dehydrated dull skin! Trust me, it makes all the difference.

What is your favourite product in the Perfectil range and why?

My absolute favourite product from the Perfectil range has to be the Perfectil Skin Extra Support. I saw the biggest difference in my skin, hair and nails after using these consistently than any other supplement I had ever used. I feel like my skin literally glows!!!

The Collagen Skin Drinks are a close second, they are packed with collagen peptides, and they feel like pure luxury.

What Perfectil product do you get asked about most or what triggers the biggest reaction on your page?

Perfectil Collagen Skin Drinks get a big reaction as I think people are intrigued by them. There is more awareness around drinkable collagen products as they are bioavailable (easily absorbed) and a convenient way to supplement collagen – which we all need as we age! The drinks also contain vitamin C which helps with collagen formation in the skin.

Plus, the packaging and product name looks super luxurious – they taste great too!

What are your top tips for feeling and looking your best self?

My top tips for feeling and looking my best self are sleeping well, drinking plenty of water, having a nice warm bath to relax, keeping active and being kind to myself!

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What advice would you give for maintaining your hair, skin, and nails in the winter?

Drinking plenty of water is a must! I always stress the importance of drinking water to my clients and friends if they want the best from their skin. A good moisturiser for the face and another for body and hands is a must to keep skin hydrated and plump - from head to toe.

Do you have any specific advice for achieving your dream summer skin/hair/nails?

SPF!!!! Protect your skin all over. Also, a nice glowy moisturiser for the body to give it the golden sheen and summer glow we all want. I love using a good quality leave in conditioner for my naturally thick hair, so it doesn’t get too dry from the sun and sea. On my face, I love anything that’s dewy and fresh looking like a peach shimmer across the cheek bones.

What trends do you think will dominate 2023 for hair, skin, and nails? Any trends you’d like to see or not, see?

Fresh, beautiful and glowy skin is going to be everywhere again. I really feel like letting your natural skin shine through makeup is going to be the look everyone wants.

What does your morning routine look like?

I start my morning with a pint of water followed by a coffee every day. If I have time, I will do a quick sheet mask and iced jade roller to depuff my face, then I will do my makeup and hair. Taking my Perfectil Skin supplements is also a must in the morning, as well as supporting my skin, they also contain iron which really helps fight my fatigue! I like my mornings to feel as luxurious as possible.

Who is your celebrity beauty icon/crush?

Selena Gomez! I love her brand Rare Beauty and everything she does to support mental health charities. Her look is always fresh and flawless, and she has the most beautiful skin. Girl crush for sure

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