When your baby doesn’t sleep through the night…

Blogger Fozia from Muslim Mummy looks back on having a baby who didn't like to sleep all night long and reassures us that it doesn't last forever...

When you are about to become a parent one of the things you do expect is the lack of sleep and potentially walking around like a zombie for the first few weeks, more than likely even longer than that. And the lack of sleep usually leads to doing daft things like putting the cereal in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard; my worst was going out in an odd pair of shoes….but thankfully that was just to my parents and everyone had a laugh about it.

Both my girls were born early morning, one at 3.06am and one at 4.11am. So I had a sleepless night in both labours, was exhausted after giving birth and didn’t get much rest as come the following day it was tests, checks and lessons on how to give baths (with my first). That was the start of my zombified state. However, you do eventually adjust and learn to get by on limited sleep.

My youngest daughter required milk every three or four hours, day and night. And it was exhausting as it lasted for a good few months. Even when she started slowly dropping some of the night feeds she was a restless sleeper and would often wake up and need to be soothed back to sleep.

Then when you start hearing of babies of the same age beginning to sleep through you start despairing about why your baby isn’t sleeping through. You have to remember that each child is different.

Even though I told myself that each child is different, when my youngest hit one year old I was slightly upset that she was still not sleeping through and friends babies were. What was I doing wrong?! And the answer to that is: Nothing. She would sleep through when she was ready.

Slowly, after she turned one, she started dropping her afternoon naps (and that made me despair even more as I looked forward to that couple of hours that she was asleep as she was such an active baby). However, this impacted on her night sleeping as she was more settled after a long day of climbing on things and rarely woke. SO whereas I had lost out on her dropping her day time naps, I gained in that she was virtually sleeping through the night. It was kind of like a Eureka moment and I would have happily done a dance of joy (if I wasn’t such a bad dancer!)

So if your baby isn’t one of those that starts sleeping through before 9 months then don’t despair. It WILL happen one day, when your baby is ready.

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