What mums REALLY want for Mother's Day

Flowers and chocs are nice, but this is what mums are really after...

We asked some of our TalkMum bloggers what they'd like for Mother's Day and rather than the suggestions of perfume or pampering products, they all wanted something a bit different.

"Honestly, what I would like is for the hubby to take full responsibility of the kids for one day to give me a break!" Fozia, Muslim Mummies

"I would really really like a guilt free afternoon watching a box set of a TV show. Alone. Not being interrupted. And not the sound of children running around like loons outside the door. The dream!" Emma, Brummy Mummy of 2

"For Mother's Day, I'd love something that most people take for granted - quality time with my husband and children. My husband works a lot of weekends so for all of us to be at home together would be wonderful. Add in a little outdoor trip to the park and it'd be just about perfect." Laura, Chez Mummy

"I'd love a night away in a posh hotel with my husband - dinner, wine, and best of all: a lie in!" Alison, Not Another Mummy Blog

"This is going to sound really lame, but: the best thing I can imagine for Mother's Day is having my husband sit me down and tell me five things I'm good at as a mother. It's so hard to believe it of yourself, isn't it? Can't we just arrange a performance review?" Rachel, Make A Long Story Short

"Either (frankly the impossible) and have that 'permanent' feeling of mother's guilt removed even if just for one day, or, to be able to go out for brunch (out out) as a family and enjoy an hour of sitting at a table - for my son to sit STILL and eat (basically remove those ants from his pants, if only temporarily!)" Katrina, Cool Bananas Blog

"12 hours of sleep and a walk with the family would be lovely." Eleanor, The Bristol Parent

"While I'd love a long, luxurious Mother's Day lie-in followed by a calm and relaxing breakfast in bed, I know this won't happen for a good few years. At the moment I'd settle for five solid hours of sleep at once (the dream)." Gill, A Baby On Board

"I would love for my husband and I to have a tasting menu of many courses at a Michelin-starred restaurant, but with the children, who would be impeccably behaved throughout (obviously they’d have their own special childrens’ tasting menu) and welcomed with open arms by the staff.”   Fran, The Parent Social

What would you like for Mother's Day?

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