Time to talk day: maternal mental health

It's time to talk about maternal mental health...

Did you know 1 in 4 people are affected by mental health issues every year? Today is Time to Talk Day, set up to raise awareness of these issues and try and end misconceptions around them. But most importantly, it's designed to get people talking.

Did your mental health suffer before or after having a baby? Half of new mothers are concerned about their mental health according to research conducted last year by the NCT.

However, most suffer in silence; almost one in five callers to the NCT helpline had a mental health issue to discuss but over a third had not spoken to a healthcare professional about it.

For many people the period before and after having a baby can be very emotional, with hormones and sleep deprivation all playing a part. But make sure you read about the differences between baby blues and PND - and if this is something you're worried about:

  • Start a conversation - tell a doctor or health visitor, don't let them dismiss it. Tell a friend, send a text, reach out
  • Join in with the weekly PND Chat on Twitter using the #PNDChat hashtag. Taking place on Wednesdays from 8-9, it was started by Rosey who blogs at PND and me (which is a wealth of useful information, support avenues and supportive posts). You'll find help and support from a virtual network of mums
  • Advice, help and support is available from PANDAS, the charity for pre and post-natal depression advice and support (Rachel from PANDAS has written some fantastic posts for us, including ideas for mood-boosting family fun)
  • You can also call the NCT helplines for help, advice and support

If PND or mental health issues are something that have touched your life, or you're concerned about someone you know, you should never be scared to talk about it, or to seek help.

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