Looking back on activities month

We’ve been busy this month, keeping you busy!

When the nights start drawing in (at 4.30pm – eek!) and the car has frost on it, it’s important that we resist the temptation to hibernate and watch CBeebies all day with our little ones and instead have some serious FUN!

This month, we’ve been looking at activities you can do with babies and toddlers – from sensory activities that will help your baby’s development to fun things that won’t cost you a penny and activities that your toddler will love.

Blogger Fran told us how much she loves her National Trust membership for days out – yes, even in winter – and if you’re a park dwelling type, we had a guide on checking your scooter is safe and a winter survival kit from blogger Eleanor that you should always take with you.

We heard from TalkMum blogger Rachael on mood-boosting activities you can do with your kids and we had lots of useful tips on how to get through a rainy day with a smile.

What are your favourite things to do with your little ones?

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