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Feroglobin is a gentle on the stomach, ideal-form of iron. Folate and vitamin B12 contribute to reduction of tiredness. Iron contributes to normal formation of red blood cells. Feroglobin is a great source of iron for pregnancy, the monthly cycle, athletes, and adults 50+.
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Customer Reviews
“I bought some of your Feroglobin and could actually feel my energy levels start to creep up again. My blood count came back up amazingly fast too - so thank-you!”
— Feroglobin customer , United Kingdom
“I wanted to make a comment on Feroglobin liquid. I have been trying to look for a formula which contains all the ingredients and is vegetarian. Taking Feroglobin for a couple of weeks has helped me maintain my energy levels. Thank You”
— Feroglobin customer , United Kingdom
“A wonderful product which worked wonders on my 5 year old to support blood cell count.”
— Feroglobin customer , United Kingdom

"Gentle on tum with energy-lifting vitamins"

"A great alternative to capsules"

"Ensures a steady level of blood-forming nutrients"

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