5 Tips On Going Vegan

Vitabiotics | Published: 18/01/2020

5 Tips On Going Vegan

Whatever the reason you’ve decided to change your way of eating here is some advice from Roz Purcell, best selling cookery author, entrepreneur and Wellwoman Vegan ambassador.

IT’S OK NOT TO DO IT ALL AT ONCE and have some compassion for yourself.

When it comes to such a big change like this do it at your own pace. Don’t feel pressured to change or cut things out all at once, that works for some people but I know for myself gradual change is more sustainable. With this it’s important to mention, try not to get caught up in food rules, if you slip up don’t take it badly. It’s hard to change especially with something so ritual like food.

Find Your Favourite Vegan Replacement

Make a replacement chart, yes a chart! This is something I did at the start that really helped me transition. I listed all the foods I was eliminating and gave them a plant based alternative which came in really handy for baking or cravings. Plus nowadays there are so many amazing alternatives out on the market and secret weapon ingredients! e.g.Eggs- flax eggs for baking. Nutritional yeast to add to sauces for flavour. Ice cream- booja booja vegan brand. There are even bacon, sausage, pudding alternative now too!

Find Your Inspirations & Commuity

By this I mean help yourself out and find those influencers, food blogs, books and websites that makes vegan eating easy. One of the most important aspects of this journey is to not over complicate it, eating vegetables doesn’t have to be hard or tasteless and there are tonnes of resources to show you how to create delicious recipes without the fuss.

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Ask the Experts

You’re cutting out food groups therefore you need to be sure you’re supplementing and educating yourself on how to still fuel your body correctly. For this I recommend going to see a nutritionist to ensure with this big change over that you do it right and get advice to make sure you thrive on this new lifestyle.

Those Favourite Meals

We all have those favourite meals that have some nostalgia or just make our mouth water. For me it was chilli con carne and a shepherd’s pie, instead of fixating on the fact I wouldn’t eat them again I found delicious vegan recipes that still give me that nostalgia and mouth-watering feeling but using plant based ingredients. So whatever those meals are maybe it’s a dessert, maybe it’s a snack find your vegan replacement recipe and make it all the time, make it a recipe you could do with your eyes closed. The transition is easier if you love the food you’re eating so pick things you already like and adapt!

Meet the Author

Gill Crawshaw

Gill Crawshaw

Copywriter / Editor of TalkMum Blog

Gill Crawshaw

Copywriter / Editor of TalkMum Blog

Pregnancy and parenting editor and writer, mum of two Gill Crawshaw is the editor of the TalkMum blog, and a writer who specialises in pregnancy and parenting. With over 18 years experience in digital content creation, she also writes the blog A Baby On Board, which covers the parenting journey. Gill has two tween-age children and lives in south London.

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