10 Vegan Parent Bloggers & Influencers To Follow In 2020

Vitabiotics | Published: 18/02/2020

10 Vegan Parent Bloggers & Influencers To Follow In 2020

Looking for vegan parent bloggers and influencers? We've compiled a list of our favourites for you to follow in 2020.

Whether you are a vegan, interested in taking up a plant-based diet or simply participating in the month of Veganuary, you might be interested in finding vegan parent bloggers for inspiration.

You might be searching out ideas for vegan meal times, recipe tips for dishes your children can't refuse, or just want to find something good to read from a fellow vegan parent.

We've put together a list of ten brilliant vegan parent bloggers and influencers to follow in 2020, as follows:

Our Recommended Vegan Parent Influencers To Follow In 2020

1. Watch You Grow  

Fiona blogs over at Watching You Grow about life as a mum of two. A vegan since her early twenties, she is bringing both her girls up as vegans and has spoken in the press about why it never crossed her mind to do anything else. As well as brilliantly engaging posts about parenting, Fiona also blogs about some of the day-to-day realities of being a vegan mum, such as finding vegan food at Disneyland Paris and struggles with catering companies at her daughter's school (as well as great tips about everything else, including where to buy the best vegan fake eyelashes).

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2. Diary Of The Evans-Crittens 

Written by Claire, the Diary of the Evans-Crittens is a family lifestyle blog covering the day-to-day of a life of a family of six living in Wales. Claire is a vegan who loves cooking, and you can read her recipes and also recommendations for eating out when you're vegan. For all parents interested in veganism, she has some inspirational ideas including this one about vegan pizza on the beach. An interesting read!

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3. Vegan Mammy 

With recipes and stories from a vegan mum of three, Vegan Mammy is all about raising your children vegan, with lots of tips and meal ideas. You can follow Ciara over on her Vegan Mammy Instagram account. See this post about easy vegan breakfasts for some inspiration.

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4. Made By Luci

Luci is a twenty-something plant-based food lover who lives near Manchester. Her blog and Instagram cover vegan recipes and reviews, and now twins, as Luci became a parent of two last year. Find her blog at Made by Luci.

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5. Oyster and Pearl 

A Bristol-based and very beautiful lifestyle blog, Oyster and Pearl is written by Lottie, and you can read her post how to go vegan about why and how she ditched the dairy. You can read all of Lottie's vegan recipes, and even some useful travel guides for those looking for plant-based places to eat.

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6. Thinly Spread

Thinly Spread covers vegan family life on land and a sea. It includes vegan recipe ideas and tales of family life from their home, and out on the water. This vegan mushroom pie recipe is definitely worth checking out.

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7. Vegan Ginger 

Follow Erin, a plant-based nutritionist and mum of two who lives in Scotland over on her Instagram feed, where she posts colourful recipe ideas and photos from family life.

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8. Moo-Free Family 

It’s worth following Moo-Free Family Food on Instagram, as they have all sorts of colourful ideas for cooking with children. Emma, who's behind the account, posts ideas for family-friendly dinners and snacks your children will actually want to eat. These vegan jam tarts are perfect to make with the kids.

9. My Vegan Child

A new but engaging site run by New Zealand mum of 4, Hana Deavoll. This has some fascinating ideas including how to make vegan butter chicken with all plant-based ingredients.

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10. Somi Igbene 

Somi, a therapist, wellness consultant and mother, posts on a daily basis with her recipe ideas and parenting experiences. A fabulous feed which will be highly inspirational for vegan parents who are looking for meal ideas. See this vegan cheese dish for an example.

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