5 tips for keeping your dog relaxed around fireworks this new year

Fireworks Going Off

Fireworks can be frightening for many pets, especially dogs. With the bright flashing lights and unfamiliar noises of new year’s celebrations, it’s easy to understand why some pets can feel anxious and unhappy at this time of year.

If this is your first firework season as a pet owner or you know that your pup is frightened of loud noises, there are some simple actions that you can take to help calm your dog.

Read on to discover how to calm your dog during fireworks, so you can have a safe and relaxed new year’s eve...

1. Take Your Dog For A Long Walk During The Day

Taking your dog for a lengthy walk during daylight hours can help to tire them out so that they’re more relaxed and calm when the fireworks are due to go off.

Ideally, you should take your dog for a walk before dusk to make sure you’re safely back home before the fireworks start.

2. Put The TV On Or Play Music To Mask The Sounds Of The Fireworks

Turning the TV on or playing music can help to drown out the sound of the fireworks and put your dog at ease.

It’s important to remember not to play music too loudly as this can make your dog even more unsettled. Opt for an anxiety-reducing and calming playlist to distract your pet from the sounds of the fireworks.

You can find special playlists for dogs through a quick Google search, or via online streaming services such as YouTube or Spotify. You may already have some music in your collection that will provide a soothing effect for your frightened furry friend, as research has also shown that dogs showed less signs of stress when played reggae or soft rock music

3. Dog Wraps For Anxiety

Just like human babies, swaddles and wraps can help to calm your furry friend too! If you have a suitable scarf lying around the house, you may be able to create a wrap for your dog that will help to relieve their stress on new year’s eve.

A good doggy ‘swaddle’ applies gentle, maintained pressure to the body of your dog and can help them to feel more calm when the fireworks go off.

Read this article to discover how to DIY this remedy for dogs afraid of fireworks.

4. Soothing Smells

Familiar smells are not only comforting for us humans; they’re also a useful tool to utilise to calm your dogs.

Essential oils such as lavender and chamomile are safe to use around dogs and can provide the same soothing effect on dogs as they do on their owners.

Alternatively, placing a blanket or item of your clothing near your dog can make them feel more settled as they can smell your scent.

5. Draw The Curtains And Make Sure Doors And Windows Are Secured Shut

Be sure to draw the curtains before the fireworks start as this will block out any unexpected flashes of light that could startle your pet.

As well as this, closing all your windows and doors can help to muffle the sounds of any disturbances outside.

Taking some of these extra measures can help to ensure you have a carefree new year with your dog, however, simply being there to care for your frightened friend can make the world of difference.

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