What does Mindfulness and Self Care mean to you?

Mindfulness is an ancient Buddhist practise which is very useful in the hustle and bustle of today's world. It's a simple concept. Mindfulness at its core, is all about being in the present.

Certain supplements can have calming properties such as Valerian and Magnesium (for normal working of the nervous system and support of psychological function).

Taking these supplements in tandem with techniques like yoga, breathing and meditation, it is possible to become more aware of feelings, thoughts and body sensations. Instead of becoming overwhelmed by them, it can be easier to deal with them.  

We spoke to some of the people who practice mindfulness every day, to find out what exactly it means to them.

  1. Accept, Accept, Accept

Shawn Schweier, a personal development writer at Alter Shift believes acceptance is what mindfulness is all about.

2. Question your Thoughts

Heather Kristian runs the spiritual development website heatherstrang.com. Heather believes it about questioning the negative thoughts and he way you react.

Mindfulness means questioning your thoughts that come in that do not make you feel good. It means getting curious about your emotional reactions to see what they are really trying to tell you.

3. Offer No Judgement

Stacy Caprio from Accelerated Growth Marketing has been practising Mindfulness for years. She believes mindfulness is great for situations where you usually wouldn’t feel comfortable

4. Learning How to Switch Off

Gretchen Pisano, a life coach, co founder and CEO of pLink Coaching Center believes practising mindfulness is one way to reduce the arduous strain of modern life.

5. Mindfulness to Combat Mindlessness

Annaliese Allen owner of Honeybell Waterwear makes the scarily accurate point that many of us lack focus on a daily basis:

6. Eating Mindfully is Equally Important

For health psychologist Gretchen Kubacky, it all comes down to the foods we eat and how we eat them:

7. Being Patient with Others

Hannah Gilroy from fitness app software company Amaven believes mediation apps have helped her feel calmer and patient with others:

8. It Just Makes you Feel Better

Dawn- Marie from life coach DM sums mindfulness up perfectly when she says...

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