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Professional Testimonials

Wellman Pro Testimonials

Ashley Theophane

Ashley 'Treasure' Theophane - Welterweight Boxer

"I take Wellman Tablets every morning after my breakfast. They are the complete nutrition formula for my daily health and gives me energy for my gruelling workouts. Wellman Boost tastes great and I feel the boost it gives me throughout the day. After a workout I use Wellman drink and I feel the revitalization it gives me to boost my energy levels. If you lead a hectic lifestyle Wellman products are what you need."

Ashley Theophane
British Champion 2011 - 2012, IBF World number 4 2010, IBO International Champion 2010, Global Boxing Council Champion 2006 and 2012

Rhys Williams

Rhys Williams - 400m Hurdles

"I'm very grateful to Vitabiotics, as the last few years have been very important in the lead up to the Olympic Games. Vitabiotics supplements keep me healthy, injury free and allow me to train day in day out at an optimum level. The 400m hurdles covers most elements of training in that, we need speed, we need power, we need endurance and flexibility. In order to fully achieve each of these, I have needed to supplement my diet. Through this I have reached the 2012 Olympic Games and I know Vitabiotics suppelemnts have played a key part in me achieving this."

Rhys Williams - Hurdles 400m UK No3 2012

James Ellington

James Ellington - 200m Runner

26 year old James Ellington's journey to British 200m champion wasn't an easy one. Three years ago he was battling with injury, slipping in the rankings - and unlike his peers overlooked by sponsors.

Against the odds, James' talent and self belief saw him through and by the end of 2011 he was running faster than ever. Then his creative idea of going on eBay to raise funds worked a treat. By February this year, for the first time in his life,he had support from three companies: King of Shaves, Gococo and Vitabiotics. As a result he has been able to train full time and focus on realising his life time ambition - to run at the Olympics. His spectacular victory at the Aviva trials in June put him in the number one slot for the 200m - and his place in Stratford is now well and truly secured.

"Vitabiotics came into my life in February this year - supplying vitamins, supplements and some wise diet advice from the founder Dr Lalvani which I have stuck to . It's obviously helped me achieve my lifetime dream - to be in the Olympics as four months later I am now British Champion for 200m and all set for the Olympics. Vitabiotics will be helping me to go all the way."

James Ellington - 200m Runner

JJ Jegede

JJ Jegede - Long Jump

JJ Jegede previously struggled with injuries from the demands of taking off and landing in his event. Since he began taking Vitabiotics products he has seen a significant improvement in his training and competitions.

"My event the Long Jump is all about speed and explosive power, I use sprints, weights and plyometrics to develop these elements. Wellman Sport supplements and Optimuscle have significantly improved my recovery from each of my intense sessions. Jointace tablets have strengthened my joints for the impact I put myself through on takeoff and Jointace Gel has soothed sore muscles after four-hour sessions. Within days of taking Vitabiotics products I improved my indoor personal best and am now ranked No1 in the UK. Wellman supplements have taken me to a higher level and Optimuscle shakes have helped me focus during long competitions. With the World Championships and Olympics fast approaching, I know that with help from Vitabiotics I can achieve my dreams to be World and Olympic Champion."

JJ Jegede - Long Jump 2012 British Champion

Ricardo Twumasi

Ricardo Twumasi - Triple Jumper

"I have been using Wellman supplements for several years now and the whole range fits my needs perfectly, helping me quickly get back to form from one gruelling session to the next. In the last month I've started using the Wellman grooming range and have noticed a dramatic reduction in lines and bags around my eyes and I really feel great about my skin! I've gone from small modelling jobs to being featured in ad campaigns for Sainsbury's, British Athletics and Lucozade, I can't thank Wellman and the Vitabiotics team enough!"

Ricardo Twumasi - Sports Model and GB International Triple Jumper

Mark Draper

Mark Draper - 5,000m Runner

"As a professional long distance runner my event is all about endurance. I train twice a day and run up to 120 mile per week. With a demanding training programme like mine I need the correct levels of nutrition between sessions and Optimuscle and Wellman Sport ensures I do. Not only does it give my body the essential nutrients but it tastes great too. Since starting on my Vitabiotics plan of Wellman supplements I feel as if I have been able to train and compete harder and longer than ever."

Mark Draper - 5,000m Runner

David Webb

David Webb - Marathon

"My partnership with the Wellman team began 2 years ago at a time when my body was struggling to meet the demands of elite marathon running and after finishing in 16th place in the 2010 European Championships I began to suffer from frequent illnesses that prevented me from training at the level necessary to make further progress. The use of the Wellman, Feroglobin iron supplement, and the nutritional advice provided by the Vitabiotics team has helped me address these issues and played a major role in helping me finish 15th (3rd European athlete) in the marathon in the 2011 World Championships in Daegu - a significant improvement in such a short space of time. This performance met the UK Athletics 'A' standard for London 2012 and I am hopeful that it will allow me to continue to benefit from the Wellman products all the way through to a home Olympics."

David Webb - Marathon Runner

Dempsey McGuigan

Dempsey McGuigan - Hammer Thrower

"It's been around a year since I began taking the Wellman supplements, and the results I have seen during this periods are some that I couldn't have dreamed of. Not only did I go from being ranked 10th in the UK to number 2, and improving my personal best by over 8m, up to 67.25m, I also qualified for the European Junior Championships, which in all reality, should have been out of my grasp. I've had an amazing year and honestly feel it would not have been possible without the support I have received from Vitabiotics. I am now looking forward to the 2012 season, where my main aim lies in qualifying for the Final of the World Junior Championships and breaking the National Junior record, as well as really making a breakthrough to the International stage. With Vitabiotics behind me, I believe this is all possible, and much more!"

Dempsey McGuigan - Hammer Thrower Ireland No1 U20

Mark Dry

Mark Dry - Hammer Thrower

"I started using the Wellman products at the end of my 2010 season to help me get through the hard slog that is winter training for many power athletes. I was quickly up to where I finished my winter in 2009 and then produced several personal bests in the gym early 2011 and I put a lot of that down to using Wellman supplements as I was feeling a lot fresher, allowing me to ithen went onto smash. Working full time and training can really take its toll, I used to feel low in energy but Wellman supplements are definitely helping me in a very short space of time. Through the high impact nature of my sport at training, using Jointace gel and tablets has really contributed to help keep my joints working properly so I spend more time training than icing!"

Dempsey McGuigan - Hammer Thrower Ireland No1 U20

Darren St Clair

Darren St Clair - 800m Runner

Darren started athletics when he was 11 years old joining his current track and field team Enfield and Haringey AC. When Darren graduated from university in Sports Science with Health and Nutrition he decided to focus on his athletics career with his current coach Wynn Gmitroski.

"Having used Wellman supplements for the past two years, I feel that my energy has increased throughout the day as well as during my training sessions which is really benefiting my performance. I am really excited to get into competition and see the performance benefits that I've been seeing in training. Using the Optimuscle range has also helped after exercise and as a result I can train harder and recover faster for the next day."

Darren St Clair - 800m Runner

Andy Frost

Andy Frost - Hammer Thrower

"I started using Wellman at the start of 2011 athletics season. 2011 has been my most successful season as I have gained a new personal best, and I was the first one for five years to gain selection for European Team Championships. I put a great deal of this success down to using a wide selection of the Wellman range and Jointace. Looking forward I have a hard winter's training approaching to get me in the best shape possible for my next session. It is a hectic lifestyle balancing full time work and training but I feel more confident of being successful now that I am getting support from Vitabiotics supplements."

Andy Frost - Hammer thrower UK No4 2012

Adrian Waller

Adrian Waller - Squash Player

Adrian is a professional squash player, training in North London. He has been playing since he was 8 years old and progressed through the junior ranks playing for England in all Junior age groups and winning British titles for each of these age groups. His next goal is to break into the world's top 50 soon and then move on to getting in the top 30. Other ambitions include representing England at a senior level.

"Wellman Sport and Jointace Sport have helped support my muscles after intense training and playing phases. They have given me the confidence to know that I can train for longer periods of time and has allowed me to concentrate on the competition ahead. Also the formulas help me maintain a good vitamin and mineral balance which is vitally important for any professional athlete to have."

Adrian Waller - Squash Player UK No12 & World No52 2011

Tom Smallbone

Tom Smallbone - London Irish Rugby Player

"I was introduced to Wellman last year, during a very busy training period for England U18's and ahead of our Six Nations campaign. I have been impressed with the quality of their Whey Protein products and supplemets, essential as part of my strength training, and their performance and energy release products, which play a vital role in my focus, concentration and general wellbeing as a professional rugby player."

Tom Smallbone - London Irish and U19 Rugby Player

Sports Club Partners

Surrey County Cricket Club

Surrey County Cricket Club

"We are delighted to continue our partnership with Vitabiotics this season. The products we use are of the highest quality and best taste. They are incredibly popular with all of our squad and very convenient to use. Professional cricket is a very physically demanding sport and having reliable and effective nutritional products available makes a big difference"

Ryan Blake - Surrey County Cricket Club, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Wellwoman Pro Testimonials

Sophie Hitchon

Sophie Hitchon

Sophie has had an excellent year not only did she become UK NO1, she also broke the British Record twice! She was selected to compete at the World Championships in Daegu which was a great achievement but unfortunately did not qualify for the finals.

"The Wellwoman supplements really help me through the hard winter training times, they give me more energy and I feel that I can get better quality training done. The 2010 season was great as we reached all our targets that we set and even exceeded some! World Championships were disappointing for me but it was such a great achievement just competing there. Looking onto next year, it is a big year for the whole country with the Olympics, I would like to make the final which is one of our main goals and we are also looking to go the European Championships."

Sophie Hitchon - 2011 UK NO1 Hammer Thrower & British Senior Record Holder

Nadia Williams

Nadia Williams

"I have been taking Wellman recovery and whey protein for the last six 6 months. As an athlete I am always sceptical of the supplements I take. Not only do I have every confidence in Vitabiotic products, but the recovery and protein shakes taste great making them so much easier to consume as well as the physical benefits. Athletes do not like the taste of many shakes but these are two products that I would definitely recommend."

Nadia Williams - 2012 UK NO2 Triple Jumper

Sarah Outen

Sarah Outen

In 2009 at 24 years old, Sarah Outen became the first woman and youngest person to row solo across the Indian Ocean - in a four month journey from Australia to Mauritius. Her next expedition 'London to London: Via the World' begins on April 1st 2011 and will see her row, cycle and kayak right around the planet. Follow her online Twitter: SarahOuten

"I never used to buy supplements - I thought that a varied, balanced diet would suffice. However, the Wellwoman Sport & Fitness daily vitamins and the Wellwoman Fizz have made a real difference in keeping me healthy and energised through some really challenging schedules of training and work in preparation for my next major expedition. I am a convert. "

Sarah Outen - The first woman and youngest person to row solo across the Indian Ocean

Alison Waters

Alison Waters

Alison Waters is the British National Squash champion and is currently ranked No. 4 in the world. She has represented England over 30 times at both Junior and Senior Levels, including competing at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne 2006. Alison competes in international competitions worldwide and has won 4 Wispa titles and is 3 times British National champion.

"Squash requires a huge amount of strength, speed and endurance. Training twice a day six days a week is tough and combined with lots of travelling, I need to make sure my body is in the best condition to enable me to perform to the best of my ability. By using Wellwoman, Jointace and Osteocare supplements I know that my body is being well looked after. With protection to my joints, general wellbeing, and having higher energy levels, this means I can just concentrate on playing squash!"

Alison Waters - British National Squash Champion, ranked No.4 in the world

Sharon Gayter

Sharon Gayter

She has run over 300 marathons and over 100 ultra distance races, many of these abroad and many of these are unique or extreme races. She has done things like the Flora 1000 Mile Challenge that took nearly 6 weeks to complete, doing just 1 mile every hour for 1000 hours (up and down the London Marathon route 38 times). Sharon has run from Lands End to John O'Groats, over 800 miles and taking over 17 hours from the world record, she has ran high alpine paths in the Transalpine Race from Germany to Austria, Switzerland and finishing in Italy. She has ran the Moravian Ultra Marathon, 7 marathons in 7 days. She has run hot races such as Verdon Canyon, Libyan Challenge and the Marathon des Sables. Sharon has also run the Badwater Ultramarathon of 135 miles across Death Valley, billed as the hottest race on earth and set the best time by any British athlete, male or female.

"Wellwoman gives me a comprehensive range of nutrients to continue my extreme training and racing schedule. Joints and injury are always a worry too but Jointace products give me confidence that I will continue for many years to come. While most train to run marathons, I use marathons as training! So recovery is vital to remain at the top. Competing in over 50 races a year I need to maintain optimum health, nutrition always being the key to keeping healthy so I rely on Vitabiotics."

Sharon Gayter - Great Britain's top female 24 hour runner

Jayne Nisbet

Jayne Nisbet

"I use Vitabiotics to enable me to train the my fullest. Having essential vitamins and minerals help with recovery, and having to maintain leanness in order to jump high, dietrim is an excellent product to work along side my training."

Jayne Nisbet - 2011 UK NO3 High Jump/ Scottish No1

Jenna Downing

Jenna Downing

Jenna Downing is the female World Champion extreme inline skater, 10 x British Champion and an X-Games silver medallist. After turning professional at the age of 12 (making Jenna the youngest female skater in the world ever to turn pro) Jenna has gone on to compete across the globe in major international events, amassing a lifetime of awards and receiving an extensive amount of media coverage on the way! Jenna's sport requires speed, strength and endurance so staying fit and healthy is a top priority for Jenna.

"My sport is extremely physically demanding and injuries are not uncommon, therefore it is vital that I take the correct vitamins and minerals to maintain healthy joints and muscles. On top of this, I am always on the go so it can be difficult to maintain a healthy diet. With the help of Wellwoman Sport and Fitness and Jointace products I am able to keep on top of my health, vitality and wellbeing, especially when I am away competing when I need to feel at my best. Plus the Wellwoman drinks and fizz products are fantastic at keeping my energy levels up!"

Jenna Downing - Female World Champion Extreme Inline Skater

Olivia Hetreed

Olivia Hetreed

Olivia HetreedWinner of the UK Triathlon League (Olympic Distance) 2009. Won five and place in Age Group and/or 40+ in most UK races in 2010 including: 1st at Swanage, 3rd at Windsor and qualified for European Championships 2009 & 2010.

"Since I took up competing in Olympic distance triathlons Wellwoman Sport and Fitness has become as essential a part of my daily routine as my bike, swim and running sessions. Not only does it support my immune system and energy levels and keep my digestion comfortable in spite of a demanding exercise regime, I have also noticed that my hair and nails are in better condition than I can remember! Wellwoman Sport and Fitness is easy to take, a single supplement that takes care of my needs and I have experienced no unpleasant side effects....and I've been winning races all summer!"

Olivia Hetreed - Winner of the UK Triathlon League (Olympic Distance) 2009