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Frequently Asked Questions

Subscribe and Save FAQs


How do I set up Subscribe & Save?

On an individual product page, simply click on the 'Subscribe' button and choose how many of that product you wish to subscribe to before completing the usual purchasing steps. [Top]

Do I need a Vitabiotics account in order to set up Subscribe & Save?

Yes. If you do not already have one, you will be prompted to create one as part of the payment process. [Top]

What is the advantage of Subscribe & Save?

There are a variety of benefits which include a fantastic 20% off as well as accruing Reward Points for products which you normally wouldn't as part of the 3 for 2. In addition you will be ensuring that you never run out of your favourite products! [Top]

How often will I receive my product(s)?

As part of the service you will receive your products once a month. [Top]

What is the regular ongoing saving?

You will receive 20% off all products which are part of the subscription which is on top of the free delivery that all Vitabiotics customers benefit from. [Top]

Does the 3 for 2 apply?

Sadly not but it does mean that there is no need to buy 2 or more items to enjoy a cost saving. [Top]

Will I still receive my other free gifts?

Yes, if there is a special offer where customers receive a free gift when they purchase your subscribed product then you too will receive the free gift. [Top]

Does the item appear in my regular basket?

No, only products purchased immediately will be placed in your regular basket. All subscribed product can be found by clicking on 'My Account' and selecting the tab across the top which says 'Subscribe & Save'. [Top]

How is the payment taken?

Payments will be made using the card details provided as part of your Vitabiotics account. [Top]

How is the payment taken?

These can be amended by logging into your account and clicking on the 'My Account' button in the top right of your screen.

Please note that deleting your payment details will automatically cancel your Subscribe & Save.

Additionally, you will be asked to update your payment details a month before the expiration date of your payment card. Failure to do so will also cancel your subscribe & Save.

If you have any questions, please contact [Top]

How do I modify my address?

Changing or updating your address can be done by selecting 'My Account' in the top right of your screen and going to the 'Subscribe & Save' section. vitabiotics
In this section, you must select 'Edit Address' where you can modify the addresses as required and save. Your billing and shipping addresses can be modified but the country can't be changed as Subscribe & Save is only available in UK. vitabiotics [Top]

When will the payment be debited?

Payment will be debited upon dispatch of your subscribed products. [Top]

How easy is it to amend or cancel Subscribe & Save?

An amendment/cancellation must be made before 10am on the dispatch date. This date can be found within the Subscribe & Save section of your Vitabiotics online account.

Amending your Subscribe & Save
To amend quantities you must be signed in. You can amend the quantity subscribed to by visiting the particular products page, clicking the 'Subscribe & Save' button and updating the new quantity you wish to subscribe to.

Cancelling your Subscribe & Save:

  • The cancelling of your Subscribe & Save can be done by clicking on 'My Account' in the top right of your screen.
  • Click on the 'Subscribe & Save' tab across the top.
  • From here there are two ways to cancel your Subscribe & Save.
    1. If you have multiple items but only wish to delete one then you can simply click the 'remove' button that is next to the product that you wish to cancel.vitabiotics
    2. If you would like to completely cancel your Subscription or if you are only subscribed to one product, you can cancel by clicking on 'Cancel Subscription Order' in the bottom right of your screen. vitabiotics

Don't worry if you cancel by mistake as your payment details will be saved within your account so you only have to visit the product page and select the 'Subscribe & Save' button. Please rest assured, Vitabiotics will never take a payment without your approval. [Top]

Do I have to wait a set period before cancelling a Subscribe & Save?

No, you can cancel at any time and upon pressing the cancel button, the cancellation will be immediate with no further payments taken - provided the correct process is carried out as part of the cancellation process. Please see the 'How easy is it to amend or cancel Subscribe & Save?' FAQ for details.[Top]

How do I modify my dispatch date?

You will receive your subscription every 30 days (or 28 days, should it fall on a weekend). Modifying the dispatch date can be done by selecting 'My Account' in the top right of your screen and going to the 'Subscribe & Save' section.

Here you will see all the products that form your subscription and in the bottom right there will be a button which will allow you to alter the delivery date.

Please note that the new delivery date cannot be earlier than the set 30 day period [Top]

Is it possible to pause my Subscribe & Save?

This is not possible but as payment details are saved, you can cancel your subscription when necessary and then create a new subscription when it is desired without having to input your details again. [Top]

Why is this service for UK only?

As this is a new service, it is only being offered to those delivery addresses in the UK as a starting point. [Top]

Why is it that not all products are included within the Subscribe & Save?

The service is designed for products that provide customers with a month's supply so sadly products which provide users with less than this (E.g. Wellman Energy has 10 days' supply) do not form part of the Subscribe & Save facility. [Top]

Can I use my reward points?

Unfortunately Reward Points cannot be used as towards the payment of your subscription as it wouldn’t be possible to specify when or how many to use. [Top]

How many products can I subscribe to?

Each customer can subscribe to multiple products, with no more than six packets of any one product per month. Total number of packets received each month however must not exceed 30. [Top] vitabiotics

What if my payment fails?

If your payment details are not up to date, the order will be cancelled and you will receive an email asking you to update your payment details. Should your details not be updated the following month, your Subscribe & Save will be cancelled but you can update your details and restart your subscription at any time. [Top]