TEA+ Sleep Vitamin Tea
TEA+ Sleep Vitamin Tea

TEA+ Sleep Vitamin Tea

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We all appreciate the benefits of a good nights rest. This smooth and warming blend is designed to help aid a restful sleep.

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We all appreciate the benefits of a good nights rest. This smooth and warming blend is designed to help aid a restful sleep.

- Caffeine free blend with Rooibos, Magnesium, Passion Flower, Chamomile, lavender and vitamin C
- Passionflower contributes to normal sleep
- A delicious natural blackcurrant and cherry flavour
- Includes 14 bags, developed by experts
- From the UK’s No1 vitamin company

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Magnesium Tea, including:

Contributes to normal sleep


Includes Chamomile

Natural flavourings

Delicious blackcurrant and cherry flavour


From the UK's No.1 vitamin company

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TEA+ Energy Vitamin Tea

Rooibos botanical infusion blended with herbs, magnesium and vitamin C

Nutritional Information per 100ml per serving (200ml)


3kJ (1kcal)

7kJ (2kcal)

(of which saturates)



(of which sugars)









Vitamin C

10mg (12.5% NRV)

20mg (25% NRV)


28.1mg (7.5% NRV)

56.3mg (15% NRV)

μg = microgram, mg = milligram, g = gram, kJ = kilojoule, kcal = kilocalorie, †NRV = Nutrient Reference Value.

Typical values based on infusion brewed in 200ml of near boiling water for 3 minutes.


Rooibos leaves (30%), Magnesium Citrate, Apple fruit pieces, Lemon Balm leaves, German Chamomile flowers (10%), Natural Flavouring, Cinnamon Root, Lavender flowers (4%), Vitamin C, Passion flower (1%).


How to enjoy TEA+

14 day supply of vitamin tea. Enjoy at least 1 cup of TEA+ per evening.

Place one teabag in a cup, fill with near boiling water and allow to infuse for 3 minutes before drinking.

14 day supply of vitamin tea (1 per evening).

Recommended limit of 4 servings per day.

TEA+ Energy Vitamin Tea FAQ

Why has TEA+ been developed?

TEA+ is a new range of vitamin infused teas designed to help maintain general health and wellbeing. We have created a unique blend of vitamins, herbs, fruit and tea with the aim to help in your daily wellness goals when needed most, in a convenient, nutritious and delicious cup of tea.

How often should you drink TEA+ Sleep?

We recommend drinking one cup of TEA+ Sleep every evening as part of a healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily limit is 4 servings (200ml per serving).

Does the boiling water effect the vitamins in a tea?

All of our teas have been developed and independently tested to take the known effect of boiling water on vitamins into account to ensure you get the required dosage in every cup when infused for 3 minutes.

Does TEA+ Sleep contain caffeine?

TEA+ Sleep is caffeine free.

Does TEA+ contain any sweetners or artificial ingredients?

Our teas contain no artificial sweeteners, they are flavoured only with natural fruit flavours to ensure a smooth and gently fruit flavoured tea.

Are TEA+ tea bags bleached?

Our tea bags are 100% free from any chlorine. They are Oxygen bleached to give the white colour but the process is 100% natural and 100% free from chemicals.

Do TEA+ teabags contain any polypropylene plastic?

We’re proud to say our TEA+ tea bags are polypropylene free.

Is TEA+ safe to drink whilst pregnant/breastfeeding?

TEA+ Sleep is caffeine free. As with food supplements, we recommend that you consult your doctor or pharmacist before using if you are pregnant.

Is TEA+ Sleep suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Yes, TEA+ Sleep is suitable for vegans and vegetarians, as approved by the Vegetarian Society.

Does TEA+ Sleep replace my vitamin C supplement?

One cup of TEA+ Sleep provides 20mg vitamin C per serving. If you wish to take an additional multivitamin supplement, the extra vitamin C content would be at a safe level.

Can you drink TEA+ over ice/cold?

Our teas taste fantastic over ice, either on their own or as a more nutritious base to smoothie mixes. Adding the required number of tea bags to hot water which is then allowed to cool and combining with ice, fruit pieces and a sweetener of your choice makes a refreshing and nutritious drink.

How to subscribe to TEA+ Sleep Vitamin Tea?

Each TEA+ Sleep Vitamin Tea pack contains 14 teabags (2 weeks). We recommend subscribing to 2 packs every 4 weeks.

Getting into a regular routine before bed is a great way to prepare your body for sleeping. Sticking to the same activities every night can signal to your body that it is time for bed. Sipping a warm cup of TEA+ Sleep every evening can help as part of a nightly routine.


No artificial sweeteners

No artificial colours

TEA+ is not tested on animals

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