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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs


Which Vitabiotics' products are suitable for vegetarians ?

The following products are suitable for vegetarians

Cardioace Original, Diabetone Original, Feroglobin Fizz, Feroglobin Liquid, Feroglobin Plus Liquid, Hairfollic Man, Immunace Extra Protection, Immunace Original, Liverel Original, Menopace Calcium, Menopace Max, Menopace Night, Menopace Original, Menopace Plus, Menopace Red Clover, Neurozan Original, Omega-H3 Liquid, Osteocare Chewable, Osteocare Fizz, Osteocare Liquid, Osteocare Original, Perfectil Original, Perfectil Plus Nails, Pregnacare Conception, Pregnacare Him & Her Conception, Pregnacare Liquid, Pregnacare Original, TEA+ Cleanse Vitamin Tea, TEA+ Defence Vitamin Tea, TEA+ Energy Vitamin Tea, TEA+ Vitamin D Vitamin Tea, Ultra Bilberry, Lutein & Zeaxanthin, Ultra Calcium, Ultra Co-Q10, Ultra Cranberry, Ultra Folic Acid, Ultra Garlic, Ultra Ginkgo & Ginseng, Ultra Green Tea, Ultra Iron, Ultra L-Carnitine & ALA, Ultra Lycopene, Ultra Magnesium, Ultra Plant Sterols (500mg), Ultra Sage, Ultra Selenium, Ultra Vit B Complex, Ultra Vitamin C, Ultra Vitamin C Fizz, Ultra Vitamin D 1000IU, Ultra Vitamin D 2000IU, Ultra Zinc, Visionace Original, Wellbaby Multi-vitamin Drops, Wellbaby Multi-vitamin Liquid, Wellbaby Vit D Drops, Wellkid Calcium Liquid, Wellkid Immune Chewable, Wellkid Multi-vitamin Liquid, Wellkid Peppa Pig Multi-Vits, Wellkid Peppa Pig Omega-3, Wellkid Peppa Pig Vitamin D, Wellkid Smart Chewable , Wellman 50+, Wellman 70+, Wellman Conception, Wellman Original, Wellman Prostace, Wellman Sport, Wellman Vitamin Drink, Wellteen Her, Wellteen Him, Wellwoman 50+, Wellwoman 70+, Wellwoman Energy, Wellwoman Sport, Wellwoman Vegan, Wellwoman Vitamin Drink.

The following are not suitable for vegetarians (as they may contain gelatine in the capsule or ingredients derived from fish)

Cardioace Max, Cardioace Plus, Diabetone Plus, Dopavite Original, Feroglobin Capsules , Hairfollic Man Advanced, Hairfollic Woman, Hairfollic Woman Advanced, Jointace Collagen, Jointace Fizz, Jointace Gel, Jointace Max, Jointace Omega-3, Jointace Original, Jointace Patch, Jointace Rosehip & MSM, Jointace Sport, Neurozan Plus, Omega-H3 Blue Label, Omega-H3 Original, Osteocare Glucosamine and Chondroitin, Osteocare Plus, Perfectil Max, Perfectil Platinum, Perfectil Platinum Collagen Hair drink, Perfectil Platinum Collagen Skin drink, Perfectil Plus Hair, Perfectil Plus Protan, Perfectil Plus Skin, Pregnacare Breast-feeding, Pregnacare Max, Pregnacare New Mum, Pregnacare Plus, Pregnacare Stretch Cream, Pregnacare Stretch Mark Lotion, SuperDog Health & Vitality, SuperDog Joints & Bones, Ultra Cod Liver Oil, ULTRA GLUC & CHOND 500/400 60 TABS, Ultra Omega 3·6·9, Ultra Omega-3, Ultra Omega-3 Liquid, Ultra Red Krill Oil, Visionace Max, Visionace Plus, Wellkid Omega-3 Chewable, Wellkid Soft Jelly Pastilles, Wellman anti-ageing moisturiser, Wellman Body Wash, Wellman Daily Moisturiser, Wellman Energy, Wellman face wash, Wellman Max, Wellman Plus 3-6-9, Wellman Restore, Wellman Shampoo, Wellman Skin, Wellman under eye serum, Wellman Whey Protein 400g, Wellteen Her Plus, Wellteen Him Plus, Wellwoman Max, Wellwoman Original, Wellwoman Plus 3-6-9.

What is the source of gelatin in Vitabiotics' capsule products?

The capsules contain bovine (beef), high pharmaceutical grade gelatin and is halal certified. [Top]

Can the capsule or tablet products be taken by small children?

Many Vitabiotics' products are for specific requirements or life stages, such as pregnancy or menopause, and are therefore not recommended for children. Because of the size of some capsules and tablets, we do not recommend they be taken by children under the age of 12, unless specified otherwise under the directions for use. The WellKid range is of course available for children. [Top]

Is there a particular time of the day when it is best to take multivitamin supplements?

Scientific opinion varies, but it is often thought the evening is an ideal time, because this is when the body's mineral levels fluctuate most. However, it is important to ensure the supplements are taken with your largest meal of the day to maximise nutrient absorption, whether this is your lunch or evening meal. [Top]

Is it normal for my urine to change colour after taking your products, ie. bright green/yellow?

All multivitamin products may sometimes cause brightly coloured urine but this is perfectly harmless, and often due to the actual colour of some of the nutrients e.g. vitamin B2. However, if discolouration occurs every time water is passed, and also when the product is stopped for a couple of days, it may be worth seeking medical advice to ensure there is no other underlying cause. [Top]

Can I take your capsule products with breakfast?

We recommend that all our multivitamin and mineral supplements be taken with your largest meal of the day, on a full stomach, to ensure maximum absorption. This can also help prevent cases of mild nausea, which can be experienced by some people if the supplements are taken on an empty stomach or with a light meal. Breakfast is often considered a ‘light meal' e.g. a bowl of cereals, or just a couple of slices of toast, or a yoghurt etc., so is usually considered not substantial enough. [Top]

Is it necessary to take the capsules and tablets with a full glass of water?

Swallow tablets or capsules with a water or a cold drink. [Top]