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Charity and support

At Vitabiotics we are committed to establishing long term charity partnerships. Our support includes helping good causes and funding much needed research, and helping to support vital educational campaigns and health awareness initiatives. Listed below are some of our current and recent charity partners.


Vitabiotics sponsors forthcoming Science Museum Medicine Galleries

Science Museum Science Museum

Vitabiotics is delighted to be a major supporter of the forthcoming Medicine Galleries at the Science Museum, which will celebrate one of the largest and most significant medical collections in the world.

Science Museum

Vitabiotics has always put scientific research at the core of our products and philosophy, and given our understanding of vitamins and minerals in the body, we are thrilled to be supporting The Body’s Building Blocks section within the Galleries. Read more


Battersea is one of the UK's most famous and longest-serving charities, and is proud to be London's leading animal rehoming centre. Since being established in 1860, they have cared for over three million animals, and continue to care for more than 8,000 dogs and cats every year.


One in every 8 babies in the UK is born either premature or sick. That's over 95,000 babies every year with one being admitted to special care every six minutes. Bliss is the UK's leading charity for babies born premature or sick. They champion the right for every baby born premature or sick to receive the best care. This is achieved by empowering families, influencing policy and practice, and enabling life-changing research. Vitabiotics has supported Bliss with ongoing advertising, has sponsored a leaflet about the valuable work Bliss does and are proud sponsors of the Bliss helpline. For more information please click here

The British Menopause Society
British Menopause Society (BMS)

Provides education, information and guidance to healthcare professionals specialising in all aspects of post reproductive health, through an annual programme of lectures, conferences, meetings, exhibitions and its interactive website. Publications include the quarterly journal 'Post Reproductive Health' and the definitive handbook 'Management of the Menopause.'
Vitabiotics is proud to support BMS, in particular their Scientific Research Foundation.

College of Medicine
College of Medicine

College of Medicine advocates for a new attitude to healthcare, which forges partnerships across society, emphasises prevention, good food, exercise, and attention to the emotional as well as the physical. Founded in 2010, it brings together the experience of senior healthcare professionals and scientists; the lateral thinking and enthusiasm of students associated with the College and the powerful voice of those who receive healthcare, and their carers.

The Diana Award
Diana Award

The Diana Award was set up in memory of The Duke of Cambridge's mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, and her belief that young people have the power to change the world for the better. It is committed to empowering thousands of young people to tackle social issues that affect other young people using a well-tested peer-led approach. Vitabiotics supports the Diana Award with financial support for the INSPIRE event and raising awareness of the charity's work.


Dreamflight changes young lives, taking children with a serious illness or disability on the holiday of a lifetime to Orlando, Florida. Dreamflight believes that fun and joy are just as important as medical research and equipment - especially for children who perhaps can't wait long enough for the breakthrough they need or whose illnesses and treatments have brought pain, distress and disruption to their lives.

European Menopause and Andropause Society
European Menopause and Andropause Society (EMAS)

EMAS promotes the study of midlife health through its journal, congresses, schools and website, and encourages the exchange of research and professional experience between members. Vitabiotics are proud to support EMAS' annual 'European Congress on Menopause and Andropause' as well funding several students' trips to the conference to further their academic research.

Fertility Network UK
Fertility Network UK

The UK's leading charity providing information, support and advice to all those struggling to conceive. Around 1 in 6 couples in the UK today have difficulty conceiving, affecting over 3.5 million people. Fertility Network UK aims to help those affected make some sense of how they are feeling, and hopefully ease that loneliness and isolation on both an emotional and practical level.

International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (IF)

With 57 member organisations in Africa, Australia, the Americas, Asia and Europe, IF is the lead organisation in the world with a mission to reduce the incidence of spina bifida and hydrocephalus by primary prevention and promote human rights education, political advocacy, research and community building. The Global Prevention Initiative (GPI) aims to tackle the primary prevention of neural tube defects (NTDs) and hydrocephalus as a united global community. Its goal is to unite all relevant organisations: NGOs, governments, policy makers, health services, health professionals and individuals around the world to maximise the risk reduction of NTDs and hydrocephalus. Vitabiotics’ Pregnacare is the principal partner of the Global Prevention Initiative, with a passionate and longstanding commitment to NTD prevention, preconception health and nutrition, promoting and raising awareness of folic acid and vitamin B12 supplementation before conception and during pregnancy.

International Health Partners
International Health Partners (IHP)

International Health Partners (IHP) is a charity dedicated to improving access to essential healthcare and medicines in the developing world, working in disaster relief areas to supply what is needed and to quickly respond to disasters by getting the right medical supplies to the people who need it most. Vitabiotics has been supporting IHP since 2008 as a key donor of multivitamins, with over 8 million tablets sent to 95 countries.

The National AIDS Trust and World AIDS Day
National AIDS Trust and World AIDS Day

The National AIDS Trust (NAT) is the UK's leading independent policy and campaigning charity on HIV and AIDS. They develop policies and campaign to halt the spread of HIV and AIDS, and improve the quality of life of people affected by HIV, both in the UK and internationally. World AIDS Day is the international day of action on HIV and AIDS and takes place every year on 1 December. Immunace is proud to support World Aids Day. Immunace is a clinically supported formula for the immune system. For more information click here.

Royal Osteoporosis Society
Royal Osteoporosis Society (ROS)

Vitabiotics Osteocare supports the Royal Osteoporosis Society. The leading charity for bone health in the UK, the ROS offers support to people with osteoporosis, their families and carers, through a range of detailed information booklets, a national telephone helpline and a network of regional support groups.

The National Association of Premenstrual Syndrome
National Association of Premenstrual Syndrome (NAPS).

The only charity in the UK to provide help, information and support to PMS sufferers and their families, the NAPS works to promote a better understanding of PMS and its treatment by the medical profession. Vitabiotics has sponsored a leaflet for NAPS on dietary guidelines for premenstrual syndrome. The NAPS has also joined with Vitabiotics in a series of radio interviews to promote awareness of dietary measures to help with PMS.

Wellbeing Of Women
Wellbeing of Women (WoW))

Wellbeing of Women is the charity dedicated to improving the health of women and babies across the UK. Every year it invests in special research projects and allocate funds towards the specialist training of doctors and midwives. The research has helped with medical developments including fetal screening, IVF, vitamin supplements in pregnancy and cervical cancer screening. Vitabiotics has been supporting WoW since 1997 by funding research and raising awareness of the charity’s work, by including charity information on Wellwoman packs, leaflets and advertising.

Women's Health Concern
Women's Health Concern (WHC)

Vitabiotics is proud to support the work of Women's Health Concern (WHC), a charity that provides an independent service to advise, reassure and educate women about their health concerns, to enable them to work in partnership with their own medical practitioners and health advisers. WHC offer unbiased information on many areas of women's health including menopause- by telephone, email, in print, online and through conferences, seminars, symposia and workshops including 'Living and loving well beyond 40…!' and ‘Below the Belt…!' In 2012 WHC became the patient arm of the British Menopause Society.

We also support and work with a number of health concern organisations, including:

British Herbal Medicine Association
British Herbal Medicine Association

The British Herbal Medicine Association was founded in 1964 to advance the science and practice of herbal medicine in the United Kingdom. It promotes the use of herbal medicinal products manufactured to pharmaceutical standards to ensure consistently high quality and effectiveness for the consumer.

ZSL London Zoo
ZSL London Zoo

Not just for humans, Vitabiotics even supports the gorillas at ZSL London Zoo. Effie is the latest resident at the zoo to benefit from a boost of additional nutrients in her diet with a daily dose of Vitabiotics Perfectil Plus Skin. London Zoo keepers are familiar with the many benefits of giving gorillas vitamin supplements. In the past, Mjukuu the gorilla was given Vitabiotics Pregnacare prenatal vitamins to help ensure she was healthy during and after her pregnancy. Gorillas, much like humans, require a nutritious and balanced diet if they are to maintain long-term health so nutritional supplements have provided a safeguard to ensure Effie and the other gorillas at London Zoo are receiving a range of vitamins and minerals daily.

Consumers for Health Choice
Consumers for Health Choice (CHC)

Formed in 1996, Consumers for Health Choice (CHC) is a campaigning organisation defending the interests of consumers of food supplements, herbal remedies and other natural health products and therapies. CHC considers a series of new regulations from the European Union to be overly restrictive and will prevent UK consumers having continued access to safe and popular products which have been traditionally used in the UK to achieve and maintain optimum health.

Health Food Institute
Health Food Institute

Vitabiotics is happy to lend its patronage to the Health Food Institute. The Health Food Institute was born in December 1979, and during 2010 it celebrated 30 years of promoting standards in natural products education and providing professional status to anyone working in the health food industry, especially retailers.

The Institute is a non-profit organisation devoted to providing high quality training for all health food retailers and their staff, thus raising standards of service to consumers and in turn raising awareness of the value of whole foods, natural products, herbal remedies, and vitamin and mineral supplements.

HFMA - Health Food Manufacturers' Association
HFMA - Health Food Manufacturers' Association

Vitabiotics is a member of the HFMA (Health Food Manufacturers' Association) and HFMA Council member, which helps set the standards for the regulation of nutritional products in the UK and throughout Europe.

The Parliamentary and Scientific Committee
Parliamentary and Scientific Committee

Vitabiotics is a member of The Parliamentary and Scientific Committee. Founded in 1939, The Parliamentary and Scientific Committee is a major focus for scientific and technological issues providing a liaison between Parliamentarians and scientific bodies, science-based industry and the academic world.

University of Westminster, School of Integrated Health
University of Westminster, School of Integrated Health

Vitabiotics, sponsors staff and student development for the School's Nutritional Therapy Programme.

Vitabiotics recognises the importance of the University of Westminster's unique Nutritional Therapy course and is working with the School of Integrated Health on a five-year programme to support the educational development of students and the continuing professional development of staff. Vitabiotics sponsors a range of activities including Polyclinic staff development seminars and an annual lecture and provides student prizes across all three-year groups.

The Vegetarian Society
Vegetarian Society

The voice of Britain's 4 million vegetarians, The Vegetarian Society aims to increase awareness of vegetarianism and the issues surrounding it through campaigning, education, information and research. Osteocare and Feroglobin carry the Vegetarian Society "V" symbol, an official seal of approval to show the product is suitable for vegetarians.