A healthy diet is always essential – but not always a priority for busy teenagers. That’s why we developed Wellteen Him and Wellteen Her – tailored supplements to support the growing nutritional needs and busy lifestyles of teenagers. With Iron and Vitamin C which contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, it’s added support for those first steps into young adulthood.

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Wellteen. When diet isn’t top of the to-do list.

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Wellteen Survey
Parents lose control from 13 years of age
After years of watching their every step, mums and dads are left wondering what their offspring are eating, doing and who they are friends with after they start secondary school and begin to make their own way in the world.
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Nutritional Research
Wellteen has been used in groundbreaking research
By the University of Oxford, Robert Clack School Study on teenagers and behaviour. British Journal of Nutrition, Volume 115, Issue 02, January 2016, pp 361-37
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“My daughter likes Wellteen as they do not taste horrid and can be swallowed easily. No nasty indigestion from them either. So nice to know that kids are happy to take them. Well done Vitabiotics, you are champion in our house.”
— Wellteen customer, United Kingdom
“Having used your Wellteen Her products for a couple of months, I have found that I'm less tired after training and more alert during school work, not to mention the benefit they've had on my skin too, my spots had cleared up .”
— Wellteen customer , United Kingdom