SuperDog Quiz – Find Your Canine Companion

Vitabiotics | Published: 28/06/2023

Thinking of getting a new dog? Discover the ideal breed for your family with our new interactive quiz!

Created in partnership with veterinary surgeon and TV presenter Dr Paul Manktelow, our tool matches you to your ideal canine companion based on your lifestyle, home, personality, and hobbies.

Picking the right dog for you and your family based on personal interests and other contextual factors is crucial. Dog breeds can vary hugely in terms of their temperaments, exercise requirements and how east they are to train. Making sure you’ve got a pet whose needs, size and temperament matches your lifestyle can have a huge impact on your own happiness, as well as theirs.

Of course, you don’t necessarily know this until your new pet is home with you, but research into different breeds’ personalities before making a purchase is an absolute must. Selecting a compatible dog type and ensuring he/she is kept healthy and happy makes families stronger together.

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