For precision support when you need it most, our Premium Ultra range gives you a boost of specific nutrients available individually. Whatever your lifestyle and wherever your diet may be lacking, it’s a source of extra support taken alone or in addition to your usual multivitamin.

From the UK's No.1 Vitamin Company

Ultra. Simply specific nutrients.

Graphic Of Government Health Department
Government Recommendation
Vitamin D
Many national governments now recommend vitamin D supplementation for the entire population, due to the many benefits of this key nutrient. The UK Department of Health now recommends that everybody from birth take a supplement containing vitamin D to help safeguard their levels, especially during autumn and winter.
“I cannot recommend these enough! They support so many functions of the body, and this is the perfect level (I take 2 each day). They are individually sealed for freshness, and the price is perfect for the amount provided”
— Ultra customer, United Kingdom
“I’ve been taking Ultra Sage for all most a year. I would recommend it to anyone who is currently going through the menopause. ''Brilliant'' thank you”
— Ultra customer, United Kingdom
Ultra Vitamins in the News

"(Ultra Vit B) An insurance policy for hormones"

"(Omega) Contains nutrients which maintain wellbeing and brain function"

"(Ultra Vit B) Contribute to energy release and help reduce fatigue"

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