15 fab Christmas crafts for children

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It's Nearly Christmas! Here Are 15 Fab Christmas Crafts For Children

If your children love crafting as much as ours do, Christmas is a great excuse to get crafty with all the paints and glue you have in the house. It will keep them entertained for hours (although you're likely to be cleaning up the glitter weeks later).

So from Christmas cards to decorations and wrapping paper, here are 25 suggestions for Christmas crafts for children:

Ideas For Making Christmas Cards

  • We love these easy penguin cards that combine potato printing and fingerprints
  • Red Ted Art's simple bauble cards are great for younger children and one we're sure all relatives would love to receive in the post
  • Or try these Christmas tree cards - make sure you stock up on the glitter glue first!
  • And if your children are too little to hold a paintbrush, create these footprint Christmas cards instead.

Ideas to make Christmas decorations

  • Here are some easy Christmas decorations involving air drying clay and paints
  • Why not make a festive garland? Here is a felt ball garland and a pompom garland that would look great when made in Christmas colours
  • Or try this tasteful sparkly washi tape garland from Wild and Grizzly
  • We love the idea of using things you already have around the house, like upcycled toy car decorations
  • And bring the outside in with the simple and beautiful natural wreaths and garlands.

Ideas For Creating Your Own Wrapping Paper

  • Recycle things you have around the house to make wrapping, like these gift tags made from paper plates
  • Or make your own wrapping paper - Fi from Childcare is Fun's wrapping paper using loo rolls and paints is easy and looks like great fun.

Ideas To Make Christmas Keepsakes

  • For something that you'll use ever year, why not try making no-knit Christmas stockings?
  • Or create your own snowglobes
  • If you have a toddler, read Hannah from Budding Smiles's easy toddler decorations here, including pompom pine cones and pipe cleaner decorations., These are the type of things you'll save and get out year after year. Who cares if they aren't perfect? The memories you are making are far more important.
Child With Christmas Decorations

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